What Is The Hidden Secret In Iranaitheevu Island?

Do you heard about the name iranaitheevu? I don’t know this place until I visit mulankavil. I visited kn/Iranaitheevu Maha Vidyalayam. Children said that our native place is iranaitheevu and we don’t like to stay here and I asked Why are you staying here? They said something for me. Iranaitheevu is an Island which is in Kilinochchi District. There is a restriction to live there and this is not allowed to live there.

Iranaitheevu is famous for fishering and that is the main fishing place for the people. They are allowed for fishing, but with some restriction. They told that we are paying more costs for boat for our fishing because of living in mulankavil. There is a Sebamalai Madha Church also there. Every Friday people allowed to pray there and have to come back on that day. Other than, They can’t visit their native place homes or any places. Iranaitheevu residents asked him how long they have to wait to return to native villages which many of their generations held before 2009.


If you want to visit Iranaitheevu then you have to get the letter from the priest of the Sebamalai Madha Church. Then, Navy force has to give the permission to go to Iranaithhevu. I didn’t visit there but, That man who own a boat for fishing told that about we have to travel about 2 hours by boat to go for Iranaitheevu. This is the time wastage for them for their fishing. They are growing sea leeches there. That is the big income for them. If they stayed there then they can earn more income than now. That’s why they are asking their native residence. This is the best place to visit by tourist also but our government ruin and hide our beautiful Island from us.

Me and my friends planned to go for Pickeral place in Sea near to mulanavil. We asked Navy to visit there and the boat fees also just 500 Rs. But the Navy didn’t give permission to go there by boat. They asked us to go by a road. Our enjoying plan was flopped by this restriction and we come back to our home.


There are so many protests going there about a year. But, Government didn’t give permission to them. My wish is to give the permission without any restriction and the people whose native place is Iranaitheevu has to back to their native residence. I am sure. You are missing a beautiful Island. Pray for the guys.

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