Want To Be A Good Listener?

Do you have the basic manners of listening others? Does this funny? Yes maybe because all the time we heard about how to talk or present others, but it’s very unfamiliar to you. But If you don’t know, don’t worry about it here we will see about it. Sometime you will surprise some tips are different from what you think up to now. When we talk with a person there will be more important to behavior than the matter. If you are going to talk with your friends it’s doesn’t matter but in professional you must follow these guidelines.

Intruding manner

Before you break some another person’s discussion you must ask permission to intrude. Say an example you want to talk to your boss but he had a serious discussion with another manager, in this situation when you intrude without permission is it a good manner? Just imagine that situation. What you want to do is just go near and ask apologies politely to intrude. If he gives permission you can continue the talk. Before starting the conversation you should ask for their situation. Like sir can I talk to you, are you free now? It is useful when you didn’t know the situation sometimes time you have a long talk but he doesn’t have enough time it makes wrong thoughts.


Standing pattern

When you talk with a person you must stand straight not bend in the side. It’s a symbol of the confidence so when you stand straight means you are a confident person so others will go depth in your talking. Another way around when you are listener it means you involve the speaker’s speech and it gives an impression to you. So always be straight in front of others. Don’t dance or moving your legs when you talk with others. It leads a negative impression on the opponent person.

Don’t cross your arms

It’s the most important thing to know about the truth behind crossing arms position. Most of the men and some women do this. They think it gives a strong impression on them but the real truth is when we crossed the arms says I am not interested in your speech or whatever you speak but I don’t mind anything. Does this shock to you? Yes, it was also shocking to me when I read this truth. I also used to do this whenever I listen to others or in my lectures also I did. So if we did this it makes the speakers lack interesting in the speech. So think about it.


Make a clear eye to eye contact

First, we want to know something, the eye to eye contact is a natural manner that we want to practice to form it well. Some of are trying to make that in a horrible way. Don’t make it in such a way. The eyes are the things that reveal the copy of our mind. So plan to make your mind free, then you watch the other person’s eye you can get the idea of whatever the things he told. Make a smooth eye to eye contact with the speakers. It’s better to practice with the smooth eye to eye contact. It helps to the confident and wide informational talk with each other.

Listen carefully

Most of is a failure in this matter. We mostly don’t be a good listener it’s the most important when you go for an interview they first check are you a good listener? So be patient and listen well. If it has some important tips note down it. If you listen carefully only you can answer the questions well. First, concentrate your mind to the speaker and continue it until the finish.


Ask questions

It wants some more power, is it right? Never do you need any extra power to ask questions. Asking question is the easiest work in the world. Why are most of the people afraid do it? If you any clarification you must ask questions. Don’t want to afraid of it or don’t feel guilty about sometimes it may be wrong or not. Every speaker be happy when they have some questions from the audience. Don’t be a typical person, ask some questions according to the speech. It will give more information to you.

Listening is the important thing that everyone must form it. It’s not only for professional but also for your personal life also it will help. Therefore I gave some tips through my experience and some help of the readings. If it helps to you to improve your listening power, let me know in the comments below.

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