The Risk of Adding Chemicals in Our Foods

Do you love to eat our home foods or instant and shop foods? Most of the answers support to the shop foods.We eat foods for our health and nutrients but nowadays they also become disease factors. Our ancestors didn’t take any tablets for disease only foods control is the best medicine for them. Earlier day’s people live more than 100 years but today’s average lifespan is nearly 60. It’s very critical issues for a well-developed people than our ancestors. We have the technology and knowledge than our earlier people but we can’t be proud because of these problems.There are chemicals more than nutrients in foods.


We eat unhealthy and chemical added foods. Simply we can take a family’s food list, there are noodles, fried rice, chips, ice cream, KFC chicken, Soft drinks, Pizza, Burger, Nescafe and etc. This is the list of foods. Can you think that these foods contain nutrients or chemicals to our body? If you don’t have the time to make healthy foods, don’t give instant foods, you can give fruits or vegetable soup for your breakfast. People have become very lazy today. That’s why they can’t maintain at least their food healthy.


Earlier days our grandparents had their own home garden and paddy fields so they can sure about their foods. Now people don’t have enough time to maintain even home garden also. How can they guaranty for their foods? Nowadays people make garden or fields for their business. So they want the only large number of cultivation output for that they use whatever chemicals on the market. They don’t care about even themselves also.

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” It’s a famous proverb but nowadays apples also have harmful wax cover in cuticle. Most of the fruits are artificially ripened. Most of the vegetables are also matured through drugs. Can you imagine the situation? If we avoid chemicals we can’t eat anything in the world. All are full of chemicals. That’s why our little children have cancers and other harmful diseases. Without human what is the usage of the technology development? Who else use these products and services? Our enemy is foods. This is a shame and very critical thing in the world. We eat full of chemicals and then get diseases then again take chemicals as medicines. Do you think about our stomach and inner parts conditions? Maybe Most of us have the ¼ parts of our body inside.


This isn’t for laugh. Think about our stage where we are? How can we solve these problems and how could we release from this chemical world? Most of our lands are poisoned by these chemical fertilizers and drugs. Not only foods but also water is the major problem. In our country, the north and east parts are becoming half forests. Most of the areas don’t have the water and some other parts have not suitable for drinking. Most of the northern province places don’t have the groundwater because of the dry seasons. Foods and drinking water are harmful to us. If this situation will continue, our future generation can’t survive in this world.


Day to day now we are adding septic in our body. It’s an attempt to suicide. Most of the people know all harm about these foods but they continue it. Most of the people’s reason is they don’t have enough time for their own gardening. But the truth is we don’t try anything. Without any effort, we can’t achieve anything. We must spend a little time daily to our own gardening. If we have the interest to live longtime automatically we can allocate time for gardening. Health is more important than other things. Everyone must take care of their health. We must focus on eating healthy foods without chemicals. Do you have some ideas to move out from these instant food cultures? If it yes comments your ideas in below to the comments.

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