Are you fed up with failures?

Life is all about taking the right decisions. It doesn’t matter whatever the field we have selected, we have to keep concentrating on that and try to do our best. There are ups and downs in life but the life has to move on. No matter whether we win or lose but the fact is that to stay positive and enjoy the result. There are different kinds of people in various sectors. We find business persons,  students, political leaders and so on.

All of them may not be successful in their respective fields. But they’ve to believe in giving more than 100% on their fields. If there is a great commitment and then that’s the victory for them.

In the modern world, everything is ruled by business. Education is not a must to start a Business. You have to invest the money and select an appropriate place and consider the consumers. Then you have to plan, analyze your product, services and the way of promoting your business. Business is not only selling and buying products, it’s also sharing money and services between two sets of people. If you want to become a business person, you should have a vision and by developing your vision you can promote your business .then your task will be much easier. You can motivate yourself and can encourage your people to make your vision a reality. Study your consumers and analyze the needs of the area and try to perform best in that area with your quality products and services. There are competitors and people who try to migrate your business, but it’s important for you to identify your strength and weaknesses. Then try to implement your process based on need to have challenges to strengthen you to do better.


If you are not successful, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. You determine yourself and dare to go forward towards your visions. There will be risks and challenges, but you should change your vision into reality. Courage and determination require you to take a risk with time, money, feelings and other resources.  At times you have to accept loses and temporary failures.

Fears of failures have to be avoided. If you are fear about things that will control yourself and stop you from achieving your goals. Your self-belief, determination, and courage will decrease your fears. When you get into a business process, you need to face some certain challenges. But it’s up to you to decide how you are going to handle this.

Let’s take students, how their education process goes on. Education process starts from mondersury schools, primary education and ends with higher education. They meet a lot of friends, teachers, mentors, and competitors. At times they have to choose their fields as their wish. Sometimes their decision may be right, at times they are wrong with their decisions. But they can’t give up their studies until they will be graduated. Students believe their future depends on their performances. We can find different kind of students .students who are looked after well by their parents or guardians and get bits of advice from them. At the same time, we can find students who have no one to force them to study, to go to school or teach them good habits. But it is their future and they have do decide why should they study hard and why should they perform well. Because they are matured enough to make their own decisions.


Sometimes Students need to stay away from home for their higher educations. They may not be happy with their food, accommodations. But for them, that’s the life they have been given with. So they need to adapt themselves, stay calm and enjoy their life. Once they will be graduated and get a good job, they will be satisfied by themselves, remembering their past difficulties and hardships.

This is the period of time people are discussing political changes after the election. They wonder as for how new leaders will take the responsibility.  it’s a very big challenge for the leaders to convince the public. They direct the public who are in different sectors. They have to analyze their requirements and expectations. They are elected by the public and it’s up to them (public) to decide whether to keep them furthermore or not. They have to consider the cultural, economic and educational improvements. They will try their best to create a new scheme for the betterment of their nations. They will be criticized by the opposing party even they are right in their process.but they have to keep the momentum right towards their goal.

We can name a few number of leaders in the history who are very strong in their periods and praised by many. Most importantly they are having a strong relationship with neighboring countries. Their leadership quality, scarification, and speaking ability make them good leaders. Nelson Mandela is a great example how a great leader should be. He has sacrificed a lot to get the freedom of the black people in South Africa. he was imprisoned for 27 years and became the first black president of South Africa. It’s unbelievable of spending half part of his life in prison for his people. He was given with the conditional release at times but he refused it. Because of the freedom of his people. Even he also faced lots of challenges, difficulties, and criticism when he was the leader. But he believed in himself and determines towards his goal. That’s why history still remembers his name. If we don’t face any challenges in life which means we will miss something. So being honest and loyal is important to be a perfect leader.


So we people are in different positions with different goals. we have to study the world, we have to study the people around us, new trending and modern fashions. no need to worry when challenges push us down. There are ups and downs in life. But by considering our positives we have to come back and perform well.

you guys may have struggled when you are focusing on your target, now I hope you have realized that challenges and difficulties are also the steps to reach our achievements.

Thank you.

If you have any suggestions, let’s share with me in the comment box.

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  1. Thenuka Yogarajah February 15, 2018 Author

    You told higher studies challenges like my challenges and I know the way how to face that challengesfrom your article.
    Want more articles from you.

    • paviththiran February 16, 2018 Subscriber

      yes most of the students r facing similar problems,but they have to accept that when they r moving towards a goal.

  2. Sathu February 15, 2018 Subscriber

    Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles.keep it up pavi

    • paviththiran February 16, 2018 Subscriber

      thank you.glad to receive kind of positive feedbacks.

  3. DILUXSHAN February 15, 2018 Subscriber

    Awesome dr …….. its give mme a goood guide to go steright to Archie my goals…..!!
    i sware , i will have a good future after your article

    • paviththiran February 16, 2018 Subscriber

      yes thanks bro.thanks for ur kind words.keep reading.

  4. Rangeetha.S February 15, 2018 Subscriber

    This is an interesting inspirational articles for feeling fed up about their goals … I got some confidence work with my goal. Thank you & waiting for the upcoming effective articles

    • paviththiran February 16, 2018 Subscriber

      thanks for ur comment.yes i will write .keep reading.

  5. Jeyavaran February 15, 2018 Subscriber

    Useful aritical,keep it

    • paviththiran February 16, 2018 Subscriber

      thanks bro!

    • Paviththiran February 16, 2018 Author

      thank you.keep reading.

  6. Tharshika February 15, 2018 Subscriber

    It seems like a motivational artical.
    Which gives proper guidance to build up our future path.☺☺☺
    It’s really a good effort. We expect such great arrivals in future also.

    • paviththiran February 16, 2018 Subscriber

      thank u. ur words give some more energy to deliver something better.

    • Paviththiran February 16, 2018 Author

      thank you.keep reading & keep criticizing.

  7. kanagarathnam mauran February 16, 2018 Subscriber

    Its useful for me. Because i always get failure in my life.. your article gave me bit confidence to me.. thanks bro..

  8. Paviththiran February 16, 2018 Author

    thank you may have missed to succeed at that point of time,but you will definetly get a chance to prove yourself in another occasion.keep reading.

  9. Paviththiran February 16, 2018 Author

    Thank you mauran. you may have missed succeeding at that point in time, but you will definitely get a chance to prove yourself in another occasion.keep reading.

  10. sitparan February 16, 2018 Subscriber

    Realy nice blog. Im impressed with ur writing .
    its give some confidence for me. Keep it up Bro

    • Paviththiran February 19, 2018 Author

      thanks sitparan.

  11. kishan February 17, 2018 Subscriber

    useful aritical, we are waiting for ur next aritical….keep it …..

    • Paviththiran February 19, 2018 Author

      Thank you kshan.

  12. Keshi February 18, 2018 Subscriber

    Useful artical. Keep it up

  13. Paviththiran February 19, 2018 Author

    Thank you keshi.

  14. Linthujah. February 20, 2018 Subscriber

    Its very constructive article. its especially useful for students. discribes how the failure of the defect is a first step to success.& keep it.

  15. Linthujah. February 20, 2018 Subscriber

    Its very constructive article. its especially useful for students. discribes how the failure of the defect is a first step to success.& keep it.

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