How to Boost Your Confidence

If you really worry about your confidence- level, so this blog should be for you guys. There are 5 simple ways. Here I’ve been discussing these concepts very familiar to all of you. I am pretty sure if you really work-out these approaches you can boost your confidence.

If someone says that you are self-confident, you feel that your power is even higher. Am I right? I hope everyone should try to increase their confidence. Here I would suggest 5 key points that you must do to increase your confidence level. Definitely, it’s going to work out.

  1. Eliminate negative peoples

Being surrounded by negativity, especially in human form really sucks. In fact, after 25 years of research, Dr.David McClelland of Harvard University concluded the following,

“The choice of a negative reference group was in itself enough to condemn a person to failure and underachievement in life”.


In this world, there are 2 energies that are positive and negative. In a person, if he/she has higher positive energy than negative energy, he/she faces success in their life. When a person’s energy depends on their environment also. For an example, I am a positive energy person but I have 2 negative energy persons as my friends because of that you may face failure.

Negative people mean who are always tells no or can’t for anything, who are always afraid of their success, who are always trying to control you, who are taking without giving and etc.

Now take 10 minutes right now and think about the people who you spend a lot of time with- at home, in the work-place and socially. Now, look at your list of negative influences and begin to slowly reduce the amount of time you spend in those relationships.

  1. Compliment Others

Sometimes we feel a person is looking smart but we didn’t tell that person directly, this is a sign of low confidence, so be first to compliment others. Compliments must from your heart, not your obligation.  If you really mean the thing you say, they’ll be much more likely to believe you and feel good about what you say.


Try to look someone in the eye when you compliment them. This helps show that you mean what you’re saying. Use some attractive words and lines to appreciate someone and also in the right places and right times.

When your girlfriend cooks tasty foods, appreciate at that moment. Don’t give sometimes but some other compliments need times.

  1. Do something good for your body every single day.

First be kind yourself and then you can spread the love to others. Do something that good for your health that you’re like. Be fit and then that smartness gives you more confidence. I like swimming but when I learned swimming and after 2, 3 months it bored to me so I drop that one again I search for something and then I find yoga. Likewise, everybody has interest in something for a period only after that it becomes bored so you can find another interest. Sometimes you can’t bore something that one becomes your passion. Explore something new until you will passionate something.

Do something good for your health it may be dancing, swimming, driving, traveling and etc.

  1. Develop your brain

In my school days, there’s a history master he always asks questions, when I prepare well for the question day I was with confidence or else I was nervous. First, we want to learn something new and more. The knowledge gives you self-confidence. Read books and search something trend now. You can do some brain games also like guess the colour, dragger, counterfeit, MasterCard.

  1. Help somebody in need

Do you feel something new energy after you help someone? Exactly yes. You can feel proud yourself after every single help to others. It gives you more confident to move forward and make you as a guide to others. So every day try to help someone in need as much as you’re possible. If you help more people you can have enough confidence to stand in front of the world.


Try these ways to improve your confidence in right manners. Be confident to do anything and don’t be afraid. First, fix in your mind that you are the best in the world, there’s no one the world to beat you.

Feel free to comment your suggestions. How can you feel about these 5 approaches and is it really working or not? If you have enough confidence to comment something it will really help to add more value to the point.

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