Troubling With 404 Error?

I had trouble with reaching my Uplist account after the social media ban. Every time a tried to reach the page it showed me 404 error. Have you ever faced such error?

404 is a client-side error pops when the page you were looking for cannot be reached or found on their server. This error usually customized by the websites. As a said technically client-side error because it occurs when client types the URL incorrectly or with a typo. Also, it can occur when the website moved or changed the page URL Add forgot to redirect the old one with new one.


How can we overcome this?

  1. Before doing something try refreshing your page. Most of the time it will help.
  2. Try a different browser and search.
  3. If refresh didn’t help check your URL whether it have any typo. Even if there is a single letter is missed or typed wrongly it directs to somewhere else.
  4. If three of above didn’t help move your directory up and up. For example,
    • if you try to reach  and gave an error.
    • Try,, if again you get error or nothing.
    • Then try,, likewise move your URL directory up as much as possible.
    • Note: if you cannot reach the sites base URL it means that the site is no longer available.
  5. Search the site you want to reach in a popular search engine.
  6. Clear your browser cache and cookies. Because once the error for a site recorded in your browser it will give it again and again.
  7.  Change your DNS used by your computer. Maybe the URL you are looking for not in your Internet service provider’s DNS. I personally prefer to use google DNS to have access to a maximum of the website as possible.
    1. Open Network and Sharing center
    2. Go to Change adopter settings
    3. Right click  on the connection you are using and go to Properties 
    4. Go to Internet Protocol Version 4 
    5. Check, Use the manual DNS  type,
    6. Apply and ok
  8. If nothing helped you contact your website directly.

Sometimes an error can occur by the difficulties or mistakes on server site also. So try a bit later. If the error is not resolved or you can’t figure it out try to reach the website they will definitely help you like I got my help from Uplist…lol.  

Hope this is helpful if you have any geek to resolve this 404 error comment below!

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