Self Defense Tips For Girls To Protect Themselves From Threats And Abuses

The world is full of scary things which will make you weaker or loser at certain times of life. Men and women are started to consider as equal in rights as well as talents. In such a way women have already reached the heights of things which they were refused to do before. Even though day to day happenings about violence against women make us afraid to live. As a woman need to put more effort to win over those challenges with braveness and much confidence. Achieving goals is one side and struggling for the safety is another side is the current scenario of every woman.

Self Defense Tips For Girls

Violation of women is happening every day mostly in streets, inside public transportation (bus, train), schools, workplace, and homes. Some violence is known to the outer world and many are happening without knowing. We listen to such news like kidnap, sexual abuses, rape, stealing jewels, blackmails, emotional tortures to make them suicide, threats and physical harassments on household worker etc. Use a reasonable force to protect you from such kind of violence by an offender at any time anywhere which is known to be Self-defense.

  • The dressing is not a matter to judge you. Always prefer to wear lovely clothes but a decent one. You might still hear that girls should be girls always, yes, of course, you should go beyond the ethical standards but you are brave enough to stand by yourself.
  • Don’t be girlish to react. Don’t let others give dirty looks or misbehave. Whenever someone tries to misbehave just shout loudly without panic. This will make the offender think you are strong.
  • Don’t wear too much fancy and jewels which will make a thief to notice you. Be simple to wear dresses and accessories. Don’t go alone wearing gold. If someone treats you with knife remember your life is important than money and gold so let it go.
  • Never hesitate to help other girls when someone is misbehaving in public. Question on the behalf of that girl. But be aware to use words which may make them angry and make them repeat things.
  • Keep a spray inside the handbag. Use whatever available with you to scare them. Seriously you can even use your nails, teeth, key, pen etc. You can throw sand on their eyes as they show in films.
  • Be aware that scolding them, hitting with footwear, spitting on them, crying won’t work these days. You should be brave enough to self-offend in any situation.

Girls To Protect Abuses
  • When you’re going in three wheelers some drivers try to cheat you. In such case don’t listen to them when they give you talks, at least act like you are talking in mobile phones (while walking in streets also) or look on Google maps to make sure the correct route. Always remember the emergency numbers.
  • Prevention is better than any other thing. So try to avoid such potential harm before it happens.

Self-defense should be taught in schools for girls as they are physically softer than boys. There are many videos available on the internet, you can download and practice by yourself. Common attacks on girls are; dirty look, scolding with bad words, wrist hold, bear hug, pulling hair, sexual touches, choke hold and mount position. Here given the quicker view on self-defense strategies as follows;

  1. Nose: When someone tries to hold your hand or pull you badly focus on the nasal bones and give a shot using the heel of the hand or for backside pulling give a shot with an elbow. You can scratch their nose using nails of the fingers
  2. Hands: When someone holds your wrist, twist your hands. Flexible movements will help you to escape. Scratch their nose or pull their hair or bite on their fingers or smash on their mouth or slap with force and angry.
  3. Eyes: You can throw sand or powder nearby aiming the eyes. Poking or scratching the eyes also will work. But if it is a small offense against you consider the vision.

  1. Neck: Using knife hand strike or heels of the hand to defense will give a sharp shot. Try to hit on the sides of the neck or give a punch over the neck which may lead them to fall down or glitch them.
  2. Head, forehead: Head is one of the body’s bony built part. Give a hit on the head side by or front.
  3. Knees, hip: Kick on the side of the knees which will avoid them to balance rather giving kicks on front knee. You can give a big shot on the latter part of the body for sexual abuses or heavy pull. Can kick or give knife hand strike on hips.

Girls are generally soft. But when you believe yourself and brave enough to react you can reduce the violence against to you and other women also. Make sure to avoid situations that you might make you feel there is something bad as prevention is always welcomed. Therefore learning self-defense will give you safely as well as confidence.

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