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Western Hospital in colombo,Sri Lanka was founded in 1984 by Professor Rezvi Sheriff , who is widely regarded to be the ‘Father of Nephrology’ by the medical community in Sri Lanka. Nephrology is the branch of medical science that deals with diseases of the kidneys.They also known as Western Infirmary, is a renowned healthcare institution with over 30 years of experience in Sri Lanka.Thay have the longest running kidney transplant and dialysis program in the country, and have performed over 1000 kidney transplants and 100,000 dialyses over three decades.


Western Hospital provides a wide range of patient services and is dedicated to providing the best care possible. We understand that a visit to a hospital can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, so we provide an array of services for our patients to help make their experience at Western Hospital go as smoothly as possible. With experienced and informative doctors, friendly and efficient nurses and dedicated and helpful staff members, you are in good hands at Western Hospital.

They provide a comprehensive range of patient services such such as OPD, Mobile Services, Emergency Care, Channeled Consultations, Pharmacy Services, Inward Services, ICUs, Laboratory Tests, Imaging Services, Clinical Diagnostic Tests and more.Western hospital has a total of 50 beds in our entire hospital, and have twin operating theaters, ICU facilities and a dedicated Renal ICU for post kidney transplant care.

Whether you are a Sri Lankan visiting this site for the first time or a foreigner looking for kidney transplant package we invite you to explore our services and discover that “Hospitality in a Hospital” is a motto we are striving to give to each and every client through ethical and personal clinical care. We warmly invite you to contact us directly for your queries and remind you that we have no branches or agents. A successful kidney transplant requires close follow-up with your doctor.

Patient & Services

  • OPD & Western Mobile Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Care
  • Inward Services
  • Health Packages
  • Channelled Consultations

Health Pakages

  • Basic Health Check

    Rs. 3,500

    Here they include Full Blood Count ESR, FBS, Blood Group,Serum Creatinine & e GFR,Urine Full Report,ECG and Chest X-Ray with Report.

  • General Health Check

    Rs. 5,100

    Such as Fasting Blood Sugar, Blood Urea, PPBS, Urine Full Report, ECG, Chest X-Ray with Report.

  • Intermediate Health Check

    Rs. 6,000

    Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile,Blood Uream,SGPT, Serum Electrolytes, Blood Group, Urine Full Report,Stools Full Report, ECG, Chest X-Ray with Report

  • Diabetes Check

    Rs. 1,600

    FBS, Lipid Profile, Urine for Micro albumin, HbAIC, Serum Creatinine, eGFR, SGPT, UFR


Why is a urinalysis needed?

A urinalysis is usually conducted as part of a routine physical exam or in order to screen for a disease or urinary tract infection. Doctors usually order urine tests if you have pain or difficulty urinating, and they are a useful way to monitor the treatment of conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney disease and liver disease.

How to make an appointment?

[Mobile]: Simply dial 225 from any mobile in Sri Lanka, and follow the instructions to make an appointment.
[Online]: If you are looking for channeled consultations online, please visit their channel board here (via e-channeling).

[In person]: You can also make an appointment by visiting Western Hospital, going to our Channeling Counter, checking the doctor’s availability, making the appointment and paying and collecting the payment slip directly.


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