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The Brand Agency is a top of the class, affordable branding, Social media, SEO and web development agency in Sri Lanka. They are focused towards helping businesses find and grow their Brand Identity in the competitive business world.


The Brand Agency Brands connect with customers through products, services, customer interactions, promotional materials— the list goes on and on. We bring it all together and give meaning to even the smallest aspect, because every little thing counts in the story that we want to tell about your brand.

Our mission is to nurture great brands with the power of digital storytelling and every Brand Agency team member contributes to the experience. We always waiting for our clients because them satisfied most important us.

What we do

  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • SEO


Do i need to sign any agreement?

All suppliers must agree to Modalyst’s terms and conditions.

Where can I find Brand Agency Spotter on social media websites?

We're pretty social. Join the conversation with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, our LinkedIn Group.

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