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Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort are committed to giving their guests an honest, result-oriented Ayurveda cure no “mysticism”, no “bits and pieces” of panchakarma, no “maybes”. This excellent Ayurveda resort cure is comprehensive, effectively managed by qualified, experienced medical staff and includes such treatments as authentic basti, virechana (preceded by snehanam and oil / steam) and when necessary, vamana, shiro-basti and khati-basti.


As part of their commitment to honesty and transparency in the field of Panchakarma, Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort are the only Sri Lankan Ayurveda hotel to openly publish a treatment schedule, detailing both the variety and number of treatments given in a “typical” Intensive Cure program. This includes treatments from the 3 stages of Purvakarma, Pradhanakarma, Pashatakarma as well as special treatments, wellness treatments and doctor’s consultations.

Their superb location. The Talalle beach is one of the very few along this coast which is beach boy / seller / beggar free. Ideal for swimming during the European Winter, this picturesque bay is bounded by lush coconut palms and provides absolute beach frontage for their resort.

This Beach Resort were the first purpose-built beach resort to cater exclusively for Ayurveda Panchakarma cure guests. They don’t accept holiday tourists and remain smoke and alcohol free. The entire atmosphere is relaxed, quiet, an oasis of peace for those seeking physical and mental well-being.

Their doctors are all university graduates who have been trained in the Surya Lanka system. Their therapists, have also reaped the benefits of the training given by two well respected Ayurveda specialists from India. These doctors introduced better, more comprehensive methods of administering nasya, virechena etc as well as organizing the correct sequence of their medical treatments. Our doctors are caring, responsive to guests needs and wishes and always have time to listen.

Surya Lanka's Ayurvedic Services Beach Resort

  • Ayurvedic Cure
  • Yoga
  • Cure Programs

Ayurvedic Beach Resort With More Comfortable

  • Massage
  • Wifi
  • Rooms
  • Foods & Drinks
  • Parking
  • Beach

Price Range in Surya Lanka Resort

  • Room Rates

    Rs. 10,000 - 25,000

    Room rates at this peaceful resort will be available between Rs, 10,000-25,000 with excellent quality facilities.

  • Panchakarma Cure

    Rs. 13,000

    Panchakarma Cure will provide relief from chronic pain, blockages, heavy headaches, and many more with ayurvedic treaments.


What are the Illnesses and Diseases that are curable at Surya Lanka?

Illnesses and Diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes, Nervousness, Psoriasis, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Neuro-dermatitis, Rheumatism, Constipation, Insomnia, Tinnitus, Burn-out syndrome, Depression, Migraine, Sinusitis, Overweight, and obesity are curable at this Ayurvedic Beach Resort.

What are the types of rooms they provides for Accomodation?

This Best Ayurveda Resort provides three types of rooms including Standard Rooms, Beach Front Rooms, and New Wing Rooms can be offered and varied according to the price and facilities that customer needed.



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