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It is your sparkling day that you celebrate your love, joy, friendship and family. Everybody totally admires and enjoys those memories forever! As the photography is more important and which plays a vital role in every celebrations whether it’s wedding or any other special occasions. The professional photographers from Studio Cool Pix perfectly captures each and every single of your unforgettable moments without any fails.


That’s why their foremost team of professional experts are always there to snap each and every unique special moment from the dawn to the dark, and they work very hard to ensure each click captures every individual single emotion, expression, and every movement that you experience right through your memorable day Rather than giving usual poses for every shot, they permits the day to unfold so naturally and so that they can capture free-spirited, unpretending moments, Letting you and your family completely relax and be absolutely convenient during your celebration.

StudioCoolPix like to keep the posted shots to a minimum. Mixing the nature with the beautiful photograph is their very 1st choice which improves the liveliness of the photograph. Fashion and Commercial Photography this is one another arena where they have entered in and established successfully. What they trust is creativity, innovatory and more exciting is the main theory behind.

StudioCoolPix Services

  • Wedding Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Interior Designing
  • 2D & 3D Creations
  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing

StudioCoolPix Features

  • Creative Team
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsive Teamwork


What are the places are more preferable by the photographers while doing cinematography for weddings?

The places are like Waterfalls, beaches, botanical gardens, and typical rain forest places are mostly preferred for the Cinematography for weddings which also makes to feel the place and enhance the romance in the photography.

How many would taken for a photography normally to complete the whole cinimetography shoot for weddings?

Every wedding couple desires different locations to shoot their wedding. So there's no approximate duration for every couple. But normally, it would take around 1 week to complete the whole shoot. However, the completion will be totally depends upon the location, timings and couple's wishes.

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