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Wedding is always a beautiful time for everyone when 2 special hearts come together to love, cherish and honor the time standing tradition that mix them together forever. It is a beautiful time completely filled with fun, laughter and lots of love. They want to assist you to remember these times in ideal memory. Each and every time you take a look at the photos, you can’t guide but travel back in time to relive those wonderful moments duration and again.


Studio Chhaya is a professionally managed company, They absolutely mainly focus on wedding photos both candid and conventional. If you are looking to preserve the happiest moments of your wedding time forever. You should have faith on their twenty-three years of professionalism, experience and elegance of Studio Chhaya. They can travel anywhere to assist snap and save the moments of your special event for a lifetime. 

Aside from the latest modern technology trends, They take aspirations for their work from a diversity of variety of places. They’re constantly looking at imagery on blogs and in photographs magazines as it’s very important to knows what’s current in the field. They try and keep my work fresh by looking out new scenic and inventive backgrounds at wedding place. It’s a really special moment to witness as the couples’ faces light up as they witness largest celebration again. The best part of the entire journey is managing more than the finished Wedding Album / Movie.

Studio Chhaya Photography Services

  • Candid Birthday Shoots
  • Post - Outdoor Wedding Shoots
  • Weddings / Engagement /Reception Shoots

Studio Chhaya Facilities

  • Execellent Customer Service
  • Photo Printing
  • Studio Designing
  • Laminations & Framing
  • Album Binding
  • Quality Photo
  • Delivery On Time
  • Motivate & Inspire Clients
  • creativity


How big is Studio Chhaya team?

Studio Chhaya are a group of team who are highly talented and professional photographers / videographers / Editors. Which inclusive of Candid & Traditional Photography unit. they can able to capture 3 weddings in a same day.

Do they also prefer any Make-up artists/Bridal dressers?

The studio chayya do not prefer any beauticians/ bridal dressers. Each and Every artist have different styles, and they do not judge them. They are good to go if their customers are completely satisfied with the beauticians who they choose.

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