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Senkadagala Finance PLC was formed in Kandy in 1968. Since then, the company has become one of the largest licensed deposit taking institutions registered with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. From it’s birth in Kandy, the company now has gone islandwide.


Senkadagala Finance PLC aims for a return on shareholder funds that exceeds the weighted average return on all Money Market instruments plus a premium for the relative risk inherent in its investment activities and to enjoy a growth rate on assets that exceeds the Industry average of all registered finance companies. This finance Company adopts responsible, socially acceptable marketing principles and practices and complete transparency, whist complying with the rules and regulations laid down by the Department of Supervision of Non-Bank Financial Institutions of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, in the practice of its deposit mobilisation programmes. The Company offers its customers a professional and personalised technology-based service that provides a substantial reduction in the cost of intermediation.

The principal lines of business of Senkadagala Finance PLC are of two categories which are Fund Based Services and Fee Based Services. Fund-based services include Lease Finance, Hire Purchase Finance, Trade Loans and Pledge Loans. Fee-based services include Insurance Brokering Services and IT-related Consultancy. The Company acts as an agent for most reputable insurance companies in Sri Lanka.

Senkadagala Finance PLC has placed high value on responsibility to serving its community. As with any successful company, social responsibility is an integral part of our business philosophy and our yearly planning process. The Company cannot be successful without the confidence of our society, which we serve through their work.

Service Offering

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Savings Accounts
  • Lease
  • Hire Purchase
  • vehicle sales centres
  • Pledge Loans


How long can a lease last at Senkadagala Finance PLC? Can anyone take out a lease?

At Senkadagala Finance PLC, lease will be lasts till any period of time between 6 and 60 months.
Anyone can take out a lease if those with their own business with a proven track record or if you are well employed at a salary in excess of Rs. 20000/=.

What is leasing?

Leasing is a respected financial concept that has been used in the business world as an effective method of financing buildings, equipment, and vehicles for well over 70 years.



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