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 Sai Sangeetha Musical Instruments will give you the magic of the music universe because they all have the same passion. It is so great to feel the rhythm and good vibrations, to utilize the perfect performance and just to be a devoted fan of this magic of sound. Their products are the perfect combination of the latest modern trends, real strength, and flexibility. You know that current music is one of the main spheres of the society. It is a large machine of producing various goods for mental contentment. It is a real thought, moreover, it is a modern trend religion.


They started to start a small retail shop in the capital of Sri Lanka on the year of 1992, to sell musical instruments and it’s parts. As People’s thirstiness for music making developing, their business flourished from local retail merchant to a wholesale leader. They offer top-quality products and services which are cost-effective and exceptional the expectations of their clients, whilst creating excitement and cultural aspiration together with the Sri Lankan People.

Now they are not only one the leaders in the capital of Sri Lanka. They are one of the leaders in the whole of the country. Find the latest music equipment and musical instruments at a cost-effective price. It not even a matter of what type of music you hear to because tastes different but they have collected all possible music-based goods in the store. Well they feel that you wouldn’t waste your time and make your purchase as soon as possible.

Sai Sangeetha Musical Instruments

  • String Instruments
  • Wind Instruments
  • Percussions
  • Oriental Instruments
  • Karnatic Instruments
  • Keyboard
  • Band Oriental
  • Western Band
  • Other Accessories

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Musical Instruments Price

  • Accordion 16 Bass

    Rs. 35,000.00

    The Price range of Accordion 16 Bass will get varied up to Rs. 35,000.00. These kinds of instruments now available also at Sai Sangeetha.

  • Cymbals Boom Stand

    Rs. 4,500.00

    The Cymbals Boom Stand is now available with the price range of Rs. 4,500.00. The instrument available at Sai Sangeetha now.


Are offering any delivering service?

Currently, the delivery service of Sai Sangeetha Musical Instruments is not available. You can make sure by contacting them either.

Is it possible to return the instrument if got damaged?

You can return their product only if you found damages within the day itself. Else, you have to make sure by contacting them.



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