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National Eye Hospital of Sri Lanka has a very long history in the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka. This is the tertiary care hospital with the center of excellence which was founded in 1905. Their specialists will treat for all types of eye-related problems either medically or surgically. Patients are assign from all parts of the island for the particular management. The practice of Ophthalmology combine the promotion of eye health, preservation of sight provocation of blindness, restoration of vision, developing abnormal vision and enhancement of fractional vision.


Accepting the certificate of Merit at the Annual Health Excellence Award in the year of 2010, is one of the extreme victories to convince their services in eye care. Founded the Eye Bank at the hospital premises itself is one of the milestones achieved in this era to offer corneal tissue for the corneal transplantation.

National Eye Hospital of Sri Lanka Outpatient unit of the eye hospital also works as the round the clock to give maximum benefits to the nation with the development of OPD hours. This institution OPD is running until 8 pm to watch all the regular eye issues while the normal patients are seen for all the 24 hours. The rehabilitation of the eye care is given through the Low Vision Clinic which gives maximum advantages to make use the available residual vision to live and to take care of them.

Now, two retinal units are functioning under the supervision of 2 Consultant Ophthalmologists. There are group of ophthalmic technologist and orthopist managing the paramedical service such as refraction and orthoptic assessment. Medical laboratory technicians, pharmacist & cardiographers also give their use to the ophthalmic sector in the management. The employees of the hospital work with the hearts to make this institution as the excellent eye care producer in the South-Asia.

Services of National Eye Hospital

  • Laser Treatment unit
  • Refraction unit
  • Orthoptic unit
  • Therapy and Their Services
  • Visual field unit
  • Biometry unit


What are the most common refractive errors?

Refractive error is one of the most common eye disorder.
There 4 common refractive errors including,
1. Mysopia (Nearsightedness)
- Difficult to see distant objects
2. Hyperopia (Farsightedness)
- Difficult to see close objects
3. Astigmatism
- Glared vision proceeding from an irregularly curved cornea, the clear covering of the eyeball.
4. Presbyopia
- Difficult to see and read or seeing at amr's length.

What are the symptoms of Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is reffered as inflammation and redness of the tissue which is very thin layer that covers the front of the eye (conjunctiva). It is very natural. People commonly refer to conjunctivitis as red eye.
1 Redness in the eyes
2 Blurred vision
3 Crusts that form on the eyelid within a night
4 Eye pain
5 Gritty feeling in the eyes
6 Increased tearing
7 Itching of the eye
8 Sensitivity to light



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