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Nana’s is well known as the place to dine at when you’re at Galle Face Green. Our last review was of Rauf Nana’s, while this time we had our dinner at Tonya Nana’s – there are three Nanas on this stretch, all pretty much serving the same fare.

Nana Snacks

Nana’s actually goes back all the way to 1987, and according to our tuk-tuk guy from the area, was started by a man fondly called ‘Nana‘ by all ‘big brother‘ in Tamil, in Slave Island. The original Nana is apparently no more, and the name has been taken over by others like Tonya and Rauf from the same neighborhood.

Our tuk guy also claimed that Nana’s nephew was the guy who kick-started Slave Island’s famed Burgers King – a fascinating tale of family entrepreneurship that we must investigate on another day!

The Nana tents are easy to spot on the Galle Face rampart. They open up at 4.00PM and you’ll find people relaxing here on the plastic chairs and enjoying a good plate of kottu or barbecued seafood all the way up to about 1 in the morning.
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[menu_prices] [menu_item title=”Fast food near the Sea” price=”500″ description=”Fast food is food from a take-out restaurant that is quick, convenient, and usually cheap.Fast food is usually high in fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium.”/] [menu_item title=”Fried rice and Snacks” price=”500″ description=”A quick fried rice like you get at your favorite Nana’s restaurant. A couple of eggs, baby carrots, peas and soy sauce is all you need.”/] [/menu_prices]

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Which Foods are Tasty in Here

Here are many foods prepare every day, many customers like some foods Grilled tiger prawns, Buba Rice, Buba Salad and also cool drinks.


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