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We at My Ceylon Trip are an energetic team chipped in together with some highly enthusiastic individuals passionate about traveling and are dedicated in facilitating your next travel adventure with an exquisite lifetime experience.


We consider ourselves proud natives of our beautiful island Sri Lanka, enriched with heavy cultural heritage, and extensive admirable beauty of nature diversified in Wildlife, landscape and multiple beaches and places of interest. The tropical air that breeze through as the sunshine gives you the perfect weather to put you in the travel mood. We are positively aggressive in promoting the nation and attracting more to experience the beauty of Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon. My Ceylon Trips’ motive is to cherish the perpetual history of Sri Lanka thus divulging in our name alone to uphold the historical value of our nation while we tour you around the island.

With our expertized team, we ensure your stay on our beautiful island, an effortless and an enjoyable walk in paradise with comforts of home. We are specialized in offering a wide range of customized tours to the very renowned destinations across all nooks and corners of this island, pondering upon the very suggestions and needs of you, as we do believe “the traveler knows best”. We are precise in showcasing unique and mind-blowing travel experiences with highly set standards of high quality and excellence, benchmarking upon “extravagance”.

Offering Tour Packages

  • City Tours
  • Mini Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Honeymoon Tours
  • Wedding Anniversary Tours
  • Wild life
  • All in One
  • MICE
  • Wellness Tours
  • Beach Tours
  • Adventure Tours
  • Tailor made Tours

Features at My Ceylon Trip

  • Guarantee
  • Take Responsibility
  • Online Booking
  • Friendly Staffs
  • Guide
  • Safety


Can I Access the Internet Freely?

Most hotels provide internet facilities. There are internet cafes in most towns with ADSL connection. Connections in smaller towns will be slow.

What food will I find?

Sri Lankan dishes are based on rice, with a large variety of vegetables, fish & fruits. The uniqueness of Sri Lankan food influenced by invaders and traders – Indians, Arabs, Malays, Moors, Portuguese, Dutch and English all whom have left a mark on the Sri Lankan diet, will surely make your trip a voyage of culinary discovery!

Can I obtain ‘Halal’ food?

‘Halal’ food is quite scarce in major hotels. The Galadari and Holiday Inn in Colombo serve halal food, as well a couple of hotels on the west coast. There are quite a few restaurants in Colombo and Kandy, but not much else.



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