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For people who reached the marriage age, the WEDDING DAY deliveres elating experience. Madhura Chinthana Wedding Photography will try their level best to make this unforgettable day a victory since they had dreamt about this day with beautiful feelings. Most of them have fixed thought as to how they should appear before their beloved parents, their relatives, and friends. Further, the couple wants this day to be recorded to their loved ones in future.


A larger part of their dreams considers appearing before their loved ones and dearest people in stylish and exquisitely made costumes. Bride wants to display her beauty and to do so she may choose the traditional Sinhalese wedding costumes, a wonderfully decoded colorful wedding Saree (oriental or Indian style) or wedding frock. They choose beauty experts and dress makers to do this. Bridegroom feeling to dress in their traditional wedding dress or finely modified as a western dress and a national dress.

The newlywed couples, their parents, relatives and friends are very incisive in recording these unforgettable events and to keep them forever. Recording all the activities has to be done by a very fully fledged and skillful photographer. Every one are equipped with a camera is not a original photographer. A mere cameraman is not competent to manage this important task in my opinion the photographer should passionately involved in these activities to snap the images which surrounded by him.

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Do they provide photography service only for weddings?

Madhura Chinthana Wedding Photography service is specialized in the field of photography. However, the different occasions may cause with different policies. You can contact them to book their service for your other occasions.

How to book their service?

You can book their service either through the direct phone call or by visiting directly. It is recommendable to book their services before a month to avoid later urgent changes.

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