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Jeya Book Centre (Pvt) Ltd has been established in 1980 in order to import and distribute advanced and modern books throughout Sri Lanka. This company is a private limited liability company. They were are one of the leading booksellers in Sri Lanka.
Jeya book centre are Importer and Distributor of printed books of various categories – Educational, Cultural, Religious, Scientific & Sports. They are one of the Prime Sponsors and active participant in the Colombo International Bookfair at BMICH. Also, they organize many Exhibition throughout the country to provide healthy knowledge in literature to the customers.

They market their titles throughout Sri Lanka. They implement their deliveries through three locations – Jeya Book Centre Pettah Branch, Kolpity Branch, and Stores in Grandpas. They execute their financial activities through three banks  – Bank of Ceylon, the Commercial bank of Ceylon PLC and Sampath Bank. This book center appreciates customers’ loyalty and our suppliers’ co-operation and assistance. They have fifty employees in their company. Their employees are encouraged to achieve excellent performance by dedication, commitment, Co-ordination, and Co-operation. This bookshop opens office six days a week. Their showrooms carry an extensive collection of Books, Stationery, and Magazines.
Jeya book centre’s prime objective is to provide a satisfactory service and to build a strong relationship with their customers. This bookseller are working hard to make a significant contribution to their customers.

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Famous Books

  • Black Beauty

    Rs. 580

    Black Beauty is the prettiest young horse in the meadows, and spends many happy days under the apple trees with his friends Ginger and Merrylegs. But this easy life comes to an end when Beauty is sold and goes from farm to inn to cabhorse in London, enduring rough treatment from foolish and careless masters.

  • Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

    Rs. 1,047

    Some thing's are just sitting there, minding their own business and waiting to be discovered. Like America. And other things are probably better off left alone'. Nine-year-old Bruno has a lot of things on his mind. Who is the 'Fury'? Why did he make them leave their nice home in Berlin to go to 'Out-With' ?


From what are the places do Jeya Book Center import books?

Jeya Book center import their books from UK , USA , Singapore & India for the last thirty years. However, their major portion of the books are imported from UK publishers and Indian Publishers.

Who are the main publishers of Jeya Book Center from UK and India?

The prime publishers from Uk are Book Point, Elsevier, Nelson Thornes, Pearson Education, Harper Collins, Taylor & Francis and many more. The main Publishers from India are Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Penguin, Lippincott, Navneet UBSPD and Jaypee Brothers.



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