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The history of Institute of Human Resource Advancement (IHRA), University of Colombo runs into nearly four decades when its predecessor; Institute of Workers Education (IWE) was established in 1975 under the Ordinance No.11 of 1979 which was amended by Ordinance No. 01 of 2006.


The Institute of Human Resource Advancement is one of the institutes of University of Colombo, the oldest university in the country and which falls into top 1000 universities. Being an institute, its academic activities are subject to the close scrutiny of the University of Colombo, thus IHRA is bound to maintain high standards in its all-academic affairs and to continue good traditions that any higher learning institute has to preserve.

Institute of Human Resource Advancement was initially started with the purpose of providing facilities for comprehensive higher- level education of accepted quality to all categories of workers enabling them to develop skills, leadership qualities and understand their responsibilities as a workers so that they can make an effective contribution in their workplace and mainly offered Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree until 1983 however, in 1986 IHRA started to offer degree programme namely Bachelor of Labour Education (BLE). During 2007 IHRA expanded its academic activities and also began to offer Masters degrees. In 2006 the Institute of Workers Education was renamed as IHRA.

Courses Offering

  • Certificate Course English
  • Certificate English for Teachers
  • Certificate Course Management
  • MCSA
  • Certificate Course French
  • Diploma Service Management
  • Drugs Abuse Management Studies
  • Diploma Tamil
  • Diploma Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Disaster Analysis & Management
  • Project Management
  • Labour Education Program
  • Labour Education Degree
  • Masters Business Management
  • Science in Geoinformatics
  • MSC Service Management
  • Disaster Analysis Management

Facilities Available

  • Class Room
  • Library
  • Qualified Lecturers
  • Quality Of Education
  • Programme Office
  • Lecture Rooms

Courses Fees

  • Certificate Course English

    Rs. 28,000

    English is everywhere. Improve your English knowledge skills with this certification course.

  • HRM

    Rs. 22,000

    Human Recourse Management will develop your knowledge and skills on the HRM field.


How the library facility will be at IHRA?

The collection of IHRA library consists of about 6000 reference books and 12,000 lending books. Books are highly related to teaching, learning and research activities connected to Bachelors and Masters programmes of the Institute.There is a special collection consist of books related to English Language, Literature and serials across all disciplines in Social and Management Studies. Among the Library’s most notable collections are its holdings in Human Resource Management and Service Management.

Why Choosing IHRA is Better?

Firstly, IHRA is that it is an institute of University of Colombo, the most recognized Sri Lankan University. Secondly, unlike traditional universities whose focus is ‘school leavers’ the focus of IHRA is ‘employees’. Thirdly and finally, its location can be easily approached from Borrella, Bambalapitiya, Petta or Nugegodo, thus IHRA is at the ideal place to management efficiency in traveling.



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