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Ladies. Stop Moving! Start Searching! Grab your favorite on your doorway with lots of satisfaction and joyness. Holland NI is a start-up retail establishment from a Srilankan who lives in Newzland, sell fashionable clothing to women of the Baby Boom generation. While our initial goal is to open one boutique, expansion plans include potentially franchising our retail store and/or building a well-recognized brand name. In turn, we would hope to penetrate a sizable portion of the online retail market.


The current world is moving back into the fashion, as they seek antics and ethnic wears where fashion outfits losing their exposure towards youngsters. A vast collection of clothing and ornaments, we deliver in a short span of time with focusing on customer’s need. Holland NI is a developing platform as we are planning to initiate it all over the world to be very handy without any delay. In the mid of 2019, we will include men’s collection also to be noted.

Sit where you are, open up Facebook and just search for us and we will deliver your product just at your doorstep. We convey and connect with you in a short and cool manner where you will be able to do a quick business and get back to work. Your reference may bring us more customers and more ideas to implement varieties and variations in our collections. Don’t wait !!!! Start scrolling and start shopping.

Services Offering

  • Clothing
  • Ornaments
  • Jewels
  • Antics
  • Fashion outfits

Our Promises

  • Door Delivery
  • Instant reply
  • Accept feedback
  • Product Guarantee