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Generators by TFE energy use the World Class control systems with industry leading offline and online operational features and present the World’s best Biogas engines to accompany TFE Energy Bio gas reactors and other Waste Digesters. They deliver fully customized gen-sets ready to be shipped within a few weeks.
They have latest technologies with fully automatic silent and high efficiency generators.Their services always appreciated by customers. Generators by TFE energy is committed to contribute in achieving economic and environmental sustainability by mitigating the future global energy crisis by efficiency manner. They deal free shipping to all major cities and ports in Malaysia.TFE is constantly looking  technologies for the Green Energy Market and  use only the leading industrial engines, alternators, control and management systems from world’s leading manufacturers. TFE give Tailored solution by leading expert,Fully automated custom built machine,Fast delivery & Installation, Warranty up to 3 Years and Machine life cycle 15 years.

TFE energy generators are nature friendly products. We Can be used both as main supply and for assisting grid.They have long life with qualified mechanism.They help meet customer needs with their equipment,with their distribution and product support system, and the continual introduction and updating of products.They are truly committed to deliver innovative power solutions and take care of exact needs while assuring both economy and effectiveness. The company involves in Import, Installation, and After Sales Services of Generators, Accessories and Spare Parts.They are specialized in troubleshooting and advice on existing systems with the dynamic team of experts in the industry and creative partnership.

Facilities of TFE Energy Generators

  • Latest Technologies
  • Industry Leaders
  • Custom Set Up
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • All Capacities
  • Bio Gas Engines

Products of TFE Energy Generators

  • Energy Generators
  • Marine Generators
  • Bio Gas Generators
  • Marine Engine
  • Silencer Canopy
  • Control Panels
  • ATS
  • Alternators
  • Sync System

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What are the performance and characteristic of TFE Biogas reactor technology?

It is designed to operate at highest efficiency by adjusting required operating parameters and performance is maintained by using waste tropical biomass like pineapple, jack fruit, banana and similar other waste.

What are the advantages of Diesel power generators than gas generators?

Diesel engines are much more sturdy and reliable and they do not require spark plugs or wires; this helps in reducing maintenance costs.Also The lifespan of a gas engine is much shorter than that of a diesel engine.


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