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Flag & Whistle Restaurant Pub is a property owned by Setmil Hospitality (Pvt) Ltd. It’s a German restaurant overlooking the Colombo Port. It has a lovely, spacious location and some delicious food where you can enjoy the comfortable and spacious dining experience. With wood panelling, dual height ceiling and warm lighting, this tactically established restaurant bring you a delightful dining experience besides a backdrop of stunning views of the Port of Colombo. Relish a sight of live music and chill out at two outside dining spots, the first presenting a pleasant “Beer Garden” that places you at comfort, while the other one lets you a delightful meal on top of a glass floor.


The open balcony allows you to see right into the docks. It’s a pleasant view. The interior design is one of the more spacious restaurants in Colombo city. The place has really high ceilings with the nice sorta nautical style furniture. This is a good place to hang out, especially for business outings because there is a dress code no shorts and slippers allowed here. Flag and Whistle has delicious and flavoursome calorically dense German cuisine. Their pork knuckle, mashed potatoes, the coleslaw, the chicken cordon bleu and crab toast are pretty famous among the guests. Also, you can get a variety of cocktails like Lion Stout and Lion Lager.

The restaurant is quite professional. So here you can experience unobtrusive, fast and polite service. Flag & Whistle is one of the top picks in Colombo for hosting lunch and dinner for guests. Here you can find good menu with a nice variety of foods. Overall tasty food, nice staff, reasonable prices and a lovely place to visit as you can enjoy the eye-catching view of Colombo harbour while dining. It’s a great little restaurant that delivers great value for your money and experienced service staff who make your dining totally enjoyable.

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  • Family Dining
  • Exclusive Bar
  • Private Events
  • Live Music
  • Corporate Events
  • Meeting & Conference Room
  • Delivery Service
  • Out-door catering