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Elawyers.lk is a self-service legal model that revolutionizes the way businesses solve their legal needs.The founders of this E-law Solutions (pvt) Ltd are Dinushka Medagoda and Rajendra R.Their services are Company Registration, Trademark Registration, Contract Review and  Contract Drafting, Land Title Search, Sworn Translation and Custom solution and Tax solutions and Partnership Agreement.Customer can be get efficient and effective benefits by their service,Such as Cost Saving, Flexibility, Time Saving and Better Support.


They are using the Technology to simplify time consuming paperwork and communication for legal process outsourcing service, Make it easier to deal with paralegal needs, so businesses could grow,  To do this, they un bundle paralegal work and they save them clients both time and money in the process.

Technology and the Internet have transformed the speed and ease of doing business in every conceivable way, yet legal work continues to be conducted largely offline. This mismatch led Dinushka Medagoda and Rajendra R. to create the vision of a self-service legal model that revolutionizes the way businesses solve their legal needs.

Elawyears.lk Services

  • Company Incorporation
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Documents Review
  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Sworn Translation
  • Land Title Search
  • Customs Classifications
  • Tax Solutions
  • Partnership Agreement

Offers in Elawyers

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Service Charges

  • Annual Compliance

    Rs. 85,000

    Take care of the year-round compliance work as soon as your company is registered.

  • Company Incorporation

    Rs. 95,000

    Two must-have registrations for all businesses at the lowest price in Sri Lanka.


Who is a Sworn Translator?

They are Translator who has officially sworn in as a Sworn Translator under the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. They translate Official Documents such as Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates and various other legal documents and by placing their seal and signing.

What is a “Partnership Agreement”?

It is an arrangement among Partners of the Business describing how the Business should be operated and the Partners’ rights and obligations and How partners Contribute to the Capital and take Profit and bear loss, the management of the partnership, privileges and protection of Partners.



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