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Welcome to Dream Round Tour. They have been in tourism business since 2011. With pleasure we offer you to explore Sri Lanka and the world. Their Mission is to provide the highest quality tours in Sri Lanka and in the world, and uphold a supreme level of service at the most affordable prices. They are located directly in Colombo – the commercial capital city of Sri Lanka, right in the center of the city, and that is why they have a chance to introduce you the latest and authentic information at first hand.


Dream Round Tour personally check the quality of facilities which they offer (hotels, excursions, guides, transport etc.) They offer you the excellent service for acceptable prices due to working with hotels and transport firms on a contractual basis. Many of them are great, stable companies and their approved and reliable partners. Sri Lanka is world famous for its resplendent beauty and gorgeous scenery and remains the leading tourist destination since ages.

The secret of Sri Lanka’s mystic attraction lies in the heart of its people. They are famed for their big smiles, warm hearts and an addiction for fun and frolic. With a culture and history enriched with thousands of years of knowledge and experience, they are a society that is truly a potpourri of not one but various religions, races and nationalities. Yet they are all the same and they welcome you to their beautiful country with open arms and a warm smile with their Sri Lanka Tour Operators.

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  • Round Tour Package
  • Wildlife Safati Tour

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  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Handling
  • Management of Meetings
  • Incentives
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What is the best time of year to visit the island?

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination as it has two monsoons that occur in different halves of the island at different times. So if you wish to enjoy the western and southern coastal resorts when the weather is best, come between December and April.

Is Sri Lanka a suitable destination for children?

Sri Lanka is a very child-friendly country. People make a special effort to fuss and entertain children: when it comes to foreign children the effort is doubled.

Is it possible to witness traditional festivals?

Every full moon day is a Buddhist public holiday, a poya. The most important is in May Vesak Poya – a festival that marks the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death, worth seeing are the illuminated pandals (bamboo frameworks) hung with pictures depicting events in the Buddha’s life.



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