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DHI was founded by Mr. KP Giotis in 1970 and has been dedicated solely to the research, diagnosis, and treatment of most hair and scalp disorders. DHI technique offers the best and most natural treatment to hair-loss patients across the globe. It is a painless procedure that helps patients across all stages of hair loss.


Hair Loss is a process triggered due to various reasons and ultimately can lead to baldness. Though the pattern of hair loss varies, it is common to both male and female. Though there are varieties of surgical and nonsurgical techniques available for treating hair loss or baldness, Hair Transplantation is considered to be the best hair loss treatment methodology.

Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure, which involves the transplantation of hair follicles from the back portion of the scalp, called as the donor portion to the bald areas, called the receiving portion. The science behind the transplantation is that the hair follicles in the donor portion are not affected by the process of follicle miniaturization. Variety of hair transplantation techniques are in practice. Strip technique, FUE Technique, FUT Technique is a few to be named. Each hair transplantation technique is limited by certain aspects of oor hair restoration, blood loss, pain, scar marks, pit marks, etc. Over and above this, the transplanted hairs look different from the normal hairs. 

For the first time in the history of hair restoration, DHI Global Medical Group introduced standard operating procedures (SOPs). These apply to all processes in order to guarantee safety, quality, and great results every time. At every DHI clinic, each doctor and member of t staff follow these procedures and in extraordinary cases, the scientific board advises. DHI, prominently known as direct Hair Implantation is the most advanced hair transplantation technique available today. DHI is far superior to the other hair transplantation techniques in all aspects. The hairline looks more natural after DHI transplantation. The recovery time is phenomenally less when compared to the other techniques. It is a minimally invasive procedure which does not involve much blood loss, stitches or scars.

DHI SriLanka Services

  • Unique Diagnostic System
  • Direct Hair Implantation
  • Micro Pigmentation (MPG)
  • PRP Growth Factors
  • Eyebrow Restoration
  • Beard Restoration

DHI SriLanka Features

  • Guaranteed Service
  • Pain-free
  • Total Care Of Specialists
  • 24/7 Service
  • Global Network Presence
  • Lifetime Growth
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