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Everything we do is aimed at fueling the future. We are a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs tackling local and global challenges. We intend to make fundraising more accessible, strategic and less painful.


About  Crowdisland

Crowdisland is a catalyst for a new wave of entrepreneur-led economic revival. We are a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs that are tackling local and global challenges! Crowdisland is more than a platform that channels quality capital to innovative startups. We are creating an efficient mechanism to identify and curate startups in Sri Lanka.

With access to capital and strategic advice, we hope to improve the success rate of these ventures. We are a consortium of experienced investors, corporate professionals and startup evangelists. By converging our competencies, we plan to energise the Sri Lankan startup ecosystem. This is a new and exciting investment opportunity for not only high net-worth investors but also more retail-oriented investors. It also provides an impetus for current and future entrepreneurs to take the plunge and launch their own business venture.


  • Startup Strategy
  • Financial Modelling
  • Fund Raising
  • Investors Relations
  • Incubation Support
  • Mentorship

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get funded through Crowdisland?

Founders can share a brief about their idea, current stage & team information by visiting If we feel there is potential, we will schedule a strategy session where we will meet the founders and discuss the idea in detail. If both parties are confident, we help the team become investor-ready by working with them. Once everything is finalized, we engage with potential investors to raise the funds required.

What benefits will entrepreneurs get ?

Our benefits revolve around getting founders, ‘investor-ready’. This covers the three main areas of pre-raise, raise and post-raise. Within each category, the support required will differ based on the maturity of the founders, their experience, their domain expertise etc. Our aim is to equip founders with smart capital so that they can accelerate their growth.

What are the minimum Requirements to get funded?

At a minimum, we require the team to have a working prototype or some level of traction. We don’t look at paper qualifications but we do, however, evaluate the team’s composition as we need to understand what value each team member brings to the table.


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