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The central library and faculty libraries situated with accurately 400,000 books, bound periodicals and reports in Arts, Education, Humanities, Law, Management and Commerce, medicine, Pure Science and Social Sciences. The library also adding 5000 to 6000 materials to its stock every year. The library has collected depository status recently from International Monetary Fund for its publications and communications. Excepting Sri Lanka and Rare collections books are feasible on open access for reference and for borrowing purposes.


The books are of Colombo Public Library bought specially on suggestions of the academic staff. The university library also earning very worthy donations from intellectuals and scholars of both local and international repute.

These complete selections included with ready reference materials such as Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Yearbooks, Handbooks, Directories, Almanacs etc. and important textbooks, past questions papers and special collections.

Public Library Services

  • Reader Service
  • Reference Service
  • Cloak Room
  • Reading Rooms
  • Silent Place
  • Wifi


How the reading room will be at Colombo Public Library?

The library holds with 600 Seating capacity. The reading tables are sorted by parallel to the book stacks and excluding the Sri Lanka collection of all other collections are on open entry. All the reading rooms are common with all faculties.

How will be the reader service at Colombo Public Library?

All affair are relevant to the registration of students & staff members, limited memberships, delivering and cancellation of library tickets, declaring no claim certifications and different requirements of readers are managed by the reader Services unit. For more information please consult the Senior Assistant Librarian (Reader Services), whose office are situtated at the first floor of the main library.


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  • Wednesday
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  • Sunday
    08:30 - 20:00



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