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Conceived to be a company that facilitates learning in participants, Cognito Asia is the strongest training outfit in Sri Lanka with six dedicated facilitators specializing in diverse skill areas. Creating a signature style of facilitation enabling internalization; all of our programs reinforce learning with business ready activities designed to ensure the translation of acquired knowledge into actionable skill, vital for the workplace.

We are fully geared to fulfill all of your skill development and learning facilitation program requirements with a 7 member full time team of trainers. The following is only an indicative list of learning solutions we offer. We are more than willing to develop customized solutions to fulfill your requirements.


Experience business ready activities in a learning environment. Learn practical skills for real life situations. Grow with the learning and go places, Cognito Asia (Pvt) Ltd is the Strongest Training Outfit in Sri Lanka with 6 Dedicated Trainers to Provide Training Solutions in Areas of.

This introductory one day program is designed to offer a broad appreciation to what leadership is, and is not. Rather than taking a mere theoretical approach to leadership, the program aims to look at the fundamental building blocks of leadership taking into consideration the vast amount of literature available on the topic, as well as the practical insights brought in by venerated leaders of the business community.

Customer Service workshops are specially designed to develop the skills and behaviors of the participants, to offer exceptional customer care. It also empowers participants to provide effective solutions to customers who walk in with product or service issues, when they arise.

You’ll learn how to answer calls by introducing yourself appropriately to the customer. From the time you take that call to the end we will guide you to make that call a profitable call for your organization. Hoe you should be addressing the caller, effective listening, steps to put the caller on hold, transfer calls and end the call professionally.

Services Providing by Cognito Asia

  • Talent Management
  • Technology & Productivity
  • Soft Skills
  • Etiquette
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing & Sales

Other Programs

  • Personal Grooming
  • Motivation
  • Interview Facing Skills


What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose of the Training Program for Federal TRIO Programs (Training Program) is to provide Federal financial assistance to train the staff and leadership personnel employed in, or preparing for employment in, Federal TRIO Program projects.

Who attends The Creativity Workshop?

People from all walks of life and professions, all ages, and many different countries. Our participants include educators, writers, business people, artists of all kinds, homemakers, psychologists, IT people, health professionals, scientists, and university students.



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