Ceragem V3 Healing Center

Ceragem V3 Healing Center

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Ceragem V3 Healing Center is a modern therapy center, which is located in Kundasale, Kandy.  It helps your body of environmental toxins, chemicals, and other pollutants. Rejuvenates the cells, tissues, and organs to facilitate a journey back to a healthy state of being. Facilitates detoxification, Restores immune function by stimulating the thymus gland to increase production increase of leukocytes. This improves overall body immune function.


· Increases oxygen levels in the tissue.

· Stimulates cells and tissues, improving the body’s metabolic function.

· breaks down fats, chemicals and toxins from human tissue.

· restores the body’s ability to repair of cells.

· Improved waste elimination and nerve function to digestive organs.

· Stimulates and advances lymph system function and drainage.

· Destroys virus and bacteria.

· Pain Relief

· Reduces Inflammation

· Improve strength and stamina.

· balances the blood pH reducing alkaline and acidic conditions.

· Reduces bad cholesterol levels and increases the production of good cholesterol.

· stimulates the pineal gland helping body relaxation and eliminating insomnia.

· Stimulates enzyme activity

· and metabolism improving digestion and elimination.

· Speeds in recovery from accident or surgery.

· Stimulate the production of Vitamin D.

Ceragem V3 Healing Center‘s  improves the natural liver detoxification process, Heavy Metal remediation removing heavy metals from tissue and circulation. Balances electrolytes helping to stabilize calcium balance within the blood helping to build bones, teeth, and tissue.

We understand that a trip to the Center experience for everyone involved. Our staff will minimize confusion and provide you with straightforward answers regarding , treatment, and detailed follow up care instructions.

Facilities of Ceragem V3 Thermal Healing Center

  • Long Term Treatments
  • Operations
  • Ceragem Slim Belt


Who should not take massage oil?

Who are suffering by Heart disease, Kidney failure, Cancer, and Bleeding disorders; they should not use massage oil.

What are the benefits of Olive Oil massage?

Olive oil massage tends to improve skin’s elasticity and strengthens.Also regular
massage with olive oil can keep the skin looking younger and glossier and make the skin look a bit tanned.

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