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Australasian Medical Imaging is one the international company which was owned by local and foreign principals who are radiologists and also understands what their patients and physicians expectations. AMI strive to provide state of art medical imaging to the community of Sri Lanka at very cost-effective approach but not compromising in the quality which is top level world standard. The company is also incorporated in Sri Lanka and Australia and retrieves expertise and technology around the world to Sri Lanka.


Australasian Medical Imaging (pvt)Ltd has launched a brand new TOSHIBA Alexion and this is a Multislice Helical CT system which completely supports whole-body imaging. This offers clinicians with top-quality volume data sets that provide highly detailed 3D views of anatomy and pathology to support disease detection at the lowest possible dose. Featuring navigation-guided scanning & AIDR technology to provide lowest possible radiation dose down to 75% radiation dose reduction.

Qualified friendly staff providing unparallel quick service . Competitive charges makes top quality CT cost-effective to all. The scanner caters to the north western province public who do not have accessible to a state of art CT scanner in the region. Management comprise a Sri Lankan Radiologist including UK and Australian qualifications, Australian related renowned Interventional Radiologist and a UK related Electronic engineer.

AMI Available Services

  • Diganostic CT scanning
  • CT Angiograms
  • Interventional / Therapeutic Applications
  • Arthrograms
  • 3D Application

AMI Features

  • Quality
  • CT System
  • Affordable Cost


What are the body parts covered under Interventional / Therapeutic Applications?

The Interventional / Therapeutic Applications from Australasian Medical Imaging completely covers,
BIOPSY—Neck, pleura, Lung, Mediastinal, Retroperitoneal, Pelvic, Musculoskeletal
SPINE– Facet jt steroid inj/ Epidural/Foraminal inj
DRAINAGES– Pleural, peritoneal, Liver
NERVE BLOCKS– Sympathetic chain, Celiac ganglion.

How 3D applications involved with Australasian Medical Imaging field?

The Employing is completely delivering with automated visualization software and reporting all the tools, software make sures approximate diagnosis in colon examinations. Innovative MPR and Fly Through Fusion allows the extra colonic extent of tumors to be approximately assessed.



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