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The inspiration for these iconic creations stemmed from the desire to create “Expressions of Freedom”, which would present a tangible real-life experience to the multitude of people residing and visiting the capital city of Colombo. Spreading out from the capital, this philosophy of modern city planning and development will embrace the entirety of Sri Lanka, transforming a once ‘island nation’ into one of the most pulsating and dynamic countries in Asia.

Arcade Independence Hall

As a tropical country blessed with comfortable weather and inviting lush green surroundings, Sri Lanka inherently offers wonderful spaces for good living. The city development plan envisioned under the astute leadership of His Excellency the President, who has articulated the same in the Mahinda Chinthanaya, and ably implemented under the stewardship of the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development attempts to weave in the main different “green spaces” within cities, in order to uplift the standard of city dwelling.

The beautification and development of the city of Colombo and its surroundings commenced immediately after the end of the war. The Sri Lanka Armed Forces contributed in their numbers and tremendous skill under the direction of the professionals of the Urban Development Authority, and rallied together to systematically refurbish the city’s dilapidated structures.

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Poetry in Architecture Creating

An interesting collection of nooks, crannies and corners adorn the Arcade. From the street lamp to the paved cobblestone and the myriad little wooden adornments decorate the building.

Heritage Transformed

Arcade Independence Square is by far one of the most important refurbishment and development projects undertaken by the Ministry of Defence and the Urban Development Authority.


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