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Photographers are the ones who make our today’s world and bring the entire world in front of eyes in ecstasy. Whether it is a journalist or an artist people who make up photography inspires us and they show us everything in a context of history in front of our eyes just like that, if I’m right? Well, To get your desired photo with the best 2D & 3D editing and animations go now with A One Media which resides in  Rambaikulam, Vavuniya Town. This is the nearest venue to get your instant favorite photoshoot. A One Media Studio Not only does a photoshoot but also is well experienced in Cinematography, Filmmaking, Documentary films and Graphic Designing. If you’re that individual looking to shoot your Documentary Films with the best effect, contact A-One Media as they’re well professionalized in this field. The owner Mr. R.Thayaparan started his journey 12 years back and is now a well-professionalized photographer in the business.

Event Shooting

A One Media is 1 year old now which has 3 well trained internal staffs in action. Although businesses success has been only 1 year old. Mr. Thayaparan has 12-years experience in photography in Sri Lanka as well as all over the world. He has even ventured to start his business abroad in the near future. A One Media uses the best-branded cameras in the world such as 4K Sony Camera and Canon. He uses specialized equipment in photography such as Drones to bring out the perfect video shoot, Cranes, Ronins to hold the camera in shape so that your desired photo would smile off.

If you’re that person who wants to rent out a Camera and Lens for your own purpose don’t stress out as you can get your favorite ( limited) brand of cameras from A One Media Studio. Also if it’s your special occasion you really don’t have to worry about searching for other shops to arrange your events, as A One Media, they are also involved with Event management services such as parties, weddings etc. At the end of the day Photography, Video shoots, and the event management everything under one roof, sounds great, doesn’t it? If you want your photos to be like ” Woow” go to A One Media now itself and start making those best memories with the photos taken in hand.

Services Providing by A-One Media Studio

  • Cinematography
  • Photography
  • Film Making
  • Documentary Films
  • 2D & 3D Animations
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Designing

Packages in A-one Media

  • Wedding VIP
  • Registration
  • Preshoot
  • Puberty Ceremony
  • Birthday
  • Only Photos

Packages Price Range

  • Wedding VIP

    Rs. 500,000

  • Wedding Platinum

    Rs. 300,000

  • Wedding Gold

    Rs. 210,000

  • Wedding Silver

    Rs. 150,000

  • Wedding Standard

    Rs. 100,000

  • Wedding Budget

    Rs. 80,000

  • Registration with preshoot

    Rs. 120,000

  • Registration

    Rs. 55,000

  • Puberty Ceremony-VIP

    Rs. 150,000

  • Puberty Ceremony Gold

    Rs. 122,000

  • Puberty Ceremony Silver

    Rs. 100,000

  • Puberty Ceremony

    Rs. 75,000

  • Puberty Ceremony

    Rs. 50,000

  • Birthday VIP

    Rs. 100,000

  • Birthday- Silver

    Rs. 60,000

  • Birthday Standard

    Rs. 47,000

  • Birthday Budget

    Rs. 32,000

  • Only Photos

    Rs. 6,000

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