6 Ideas to Create a Happy Workplace

We spend third of our lifetime at our work, so nobody wants to eat up that much of precious time at a dull workplace. A dull workplace can mean something like having grey walls an unexciting working environment (something which can often be remedied by getting some creative office furniture like off officemonster.co.uk). According to many studies, happy employees are more innovative, creative and dedicated than the unhappy workers. And happy workers are more likely to stick with the company for the long-term. The positive work environment has a direct impact on the business’s bottom line; also it’s beneficial for the employees and employers.

With these happy workplace ideas, you can make the happiest work environment possible so that you and your employees can succeed to soaring heights.

Positive Work Environment
  1. Greet your employees in a welcoming way

A simple “Good Morning” with a smile goes a long way in the workplace that makes your employees feel happy. Your morning greeting with a big smile on your face says that “You are happy with their presence and you want them to love their job.” And with the time you will find your workers begin to mimic your welcoming gesture to one another that will put everybody in a better mood and it will make your workplace better.

Periodically pop around your office and see how everybody is doing. Ask your workers how their weekend holidays were and get to know if any of them needs guidance with their current projects. This will help to create a positive atmosphere at your workplace, also increase productivity and energy levels of your employees.

  1. Frequently give acknowledgement & praise to your employees

Do you know? Most people to leave their job because they feel underappreciated at their work. Regular praise and acknowledgement make your employees motivated and they become enthusiastic to take part in company-wide initiatives.

Get feedback from your workers as to how they want to be acknowledged for their good work. Some employees prefer it to be a one-on-one positive feedback session and some like it to be a quick “you did it” shout-out in the common meeting. Learn about their preference and give praise according to their wish. The key point is if an employee deserves recognition for the outstanding work they have done then gives it right away. Don’t make them wait for the yearly appraisal.

  1. Make a fulfilling job for your employees

“Internal contentment gives you a greater experience of achievement throughout your life.” As per this sayings every one of us want to feel good in our doings then only we can experience the real success, the same way every worker want to feel good about their work, they need to have a full understanding of the company’s mission and purpose then only they become more committed to making it a success. So, as an owner of the business, it’s your duty to give a rundown of what every single department does and why they do it. Knowing about the inner workings of the company from all perspective and angles make them more connected to the business and they will become more responsible towards the company’s success.

Another way to make your employees feel fulfilling about their work is to make them participate in charity activities. Giving back to society make them realize the true value of life and they feel more content with their work.

  1. Create a balance between work & life priorities

It’s really important that your employees need to understand that you value them as a loyal worker and a person who has a life out of the workplace. Make them realize the balance between work & life is important by offering vacation days, childcare options and health/wellness programs discounts. This will develop your workers’ general life quality and display them how much you concern about their welfare.

Consider what makes you feel happy outside of your work and what kind of perks you would like to receive; this will help you to come up with nice ideas for your workers’ welfare.

  1. Generate an IDP plan for your employees.

IDP (Individual development plan) is a tool to guide staffs in their personal and career growth. It will help employees to reach their short term and long term goals and also allow them to improve their current job performance. IDP helps you to fathom your employees’ personal and professional goals including their strong points and the areas they need more progresses.

Generating an IDP plan indicates your employees that you are really serious about endowing in them as individuals and want them to achieve their customized goals.

  1. Hire happy people to your work

The happy environment at workplace fascinates more good people to your company and in turn, it will create a good culture in your workplace with productivity and accountability. So hiring a happy person who brings laughter to the workplace is very important. Happy people create a happy culture in your company, therefore it’s necessary to take time to study facial expressions, genuineness and responses while interviewing potential candidates for your organization because these are the people who are going to make your workplace happier.

This makes your employees motivated, empowered and increases their engagement level in the workplace which increase productivity, performance in their work and promote teamwork.

In closing….

The above six ways are the foundation for a positive workplace. If you are an individual who runs a company, I urge you to implement these concepts in your own company or if you are an employee then forward this concept to your HR department or the people who are in the position to make the decision as these methods help you to create an awesome environment at your workplace.

If you like this post let me know that in the comments, I would like to hear your thoughts if you know any other great ideas to create a happy workplace let me learn it from you guys.

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