8 Tips to Improve Your Creative Thinking Like a Pro

There is so many people do their creative thinking in last minute brainstorming sessions, change your thinking, down to your brain’s chemicals, so you can embrace new solutions and your next great big idea. Make it a way of looking at your world.

 Relax Your Mind

Don’t stay up all night to do tasks. You’ll have less capacity to learn on late nights. You need deep sleep for deep insights for creative thinking. Better do meditate, studies show that those who meditate daily for at least 30 minutes have better focus.


Inspire your self

Don’t wait for someone for your inspiration. Give yourself the time and the energy to address your most challenging questions. Better to be a Sponge. Constantly try new things. Seek out new viewpoints, places, ideas, music and why not food too.

Never Ever Give Up

Don’t go it alone, consider generating ides solo, then bringing them to a group for more insights. Complex problems often require multiple viewpoints. During this time trust yourself. When people believe they can grow their brain power, they become more open-minded and are less likely to give up.


Model the Greats

Don’t be lazy, just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it works for you. Don’t confuse Inspiration and Imitation. Think, what are smart people doing, and what can that teach me? There is no limit to learning and it does not depend on age or gender.

Stay Focus on what you need

Don’t pass judgment, the creative process is just that: a process. Work to understand the problem, not just to solve it. Pay attention, Listen closely, be observant and informed. It’s necessary to be patient and in the movement.


Think positive

Don’t say “it never works”. Old patterns only bring old results. Research shows that repetitive thinking etches “grooves” into the brain, reinforcing the old at the expense of the new. Do say “Yes I can”, it brings you more confidence. Great improve actors listen to one another and build a scene with each new comment. They have open minds and think on their feet to move an idea forward.

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