Planning What To Do After O/L?

The results have been released and thinking what to do after O/L. Read and find out what suits best?

I wanted to write on this topic because some people asked me I have done my O/L and here after what can I do? Actually neither I can tell you to choose this and that nor choose this to study. But I can give you some tips and some important things you have to think about while you choosing the next step.

Think what you are passionate about

We all have passions. It can be anything, doing the math, trying new experiments, singing dancing, cycling, martial arts it can be anything. You have to go for what you are passionate about. Without passion, you can’t gain the continuous motivation throughout your journey. We, humans get to enjoy doing the things which make us feel happy and enthusiastic. So first sit and think.


Then think how far you can go on that field

Once you decided what you are passionate about the search and find how far people have gone in that field. And think whether you have guts to beat them down. If you feel confident that you can become a successful person in that field then it is cool.

Now think where to start

This is the most important part of this decision making a part. Do you have to ask your self these questions


  1. which stream of study suits your passion? if you are passionate about engineering it is maths or if it is about management or business related you have to choose commerce likewise
  2. Think whether you actually interested in entering the state universities? If you are really interested in State University life you have to study A/L examination in order to get the entrance. If not don’t worry there are many opportunities available to you outside
  3. If you are planning to start studying in private institutes or Universities then first think a little about your financial status. If you do not have a very good financial background don’t worry. Now there are many scholarships, many offers and funding are available. You have to seek out a good one according to your needs.
  4. Then think about which degree or courses you should follow? Ask someone really good in the same field you are. Then can give you some advice to choose the correct education and path. For example, if your passion is about IT you can start doing BIT. For that, you have to complete FIT, DIT, ADIT, and then BIT. It is not a bad idea. Because rather than going to the state university and finishing your degree in your mid 25. Ask people someone truly care about you.

Kickstart and keep the heat

Once you decided to what to study and where to study, stick to your ultimate goal or what to your passion. Don’t change your mind for anyone. You are not going to live your life for someone else. If you don’t do what you like you will mess with your process and end up with the regret of “I haven’t done what I like to do”. Don’t try to fool your self by parents wish on your study and career. Do what you want to do. And the most important part is Be perfect in that.!


If you want anything to clear or any support to choose your path to feel free to reach me.!

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