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The Gallery Closed nowOpens at 08:30:AM today

The Gallery


"Everything is designed, few things are designed well". Yes, 'The Gallery believes " Good design is

Location: Kotahena, Colombo, Sri LankaPhone: +94 77 961 5551
Colombo Jewellery Stores Closed nowOpens at 08:30:AM today

Colombo Jewellery Stores


Colombo jewelry store is an iconic Sri Lankan jewellery brand that boasts an international presence.

Location: No 1, Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 3, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.cjs.lkPhone: +94 11 258 5187
Tiesh Gem Museum Closed nowOpens at 08:30:AM today

Tiesh Gem Museum


Over the past two decades, Tiesh has given new definitions to style by introducing exquisite

Location: No.253, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.Website: http://www.tiesh.lkPhone: +94 11 257 4576
Palliyaguruge Jeweller Closed nowOpens at 08:30:AM today

Palliyaguruge Jeweller


Palliyaguruge Jewellers Being worked for more than twenty years at one of the leading jewelry

Location: D Palliyaguruge Sons (Pvt) Ltd, No. 322, Kaduwela Road Koswaththa, Baththaramulla, Colombo, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.palliyaguruge.comPhone: +94 77 238 9709
Sathies Jewellery Closed nowOpens at 08:00:AM today

Sathies Jewellery


Sathies Jewellery Private Limited, Founded in 1992 was known for its innovative manufacturing, as

Location: Sathies Jewellery, No: 875/1, Bloemendhal Road, Colombo - 15. Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.sathiesjewellery.comPhone: +94 75 099 9000
Stone ‘N’ String Closed nowOpens at 09:00:AM today

Stone 'N' String


Stone 'N' String was born 30 years ago as a pioneer manufacturer of fashion jewellery in Sri Lanka.

Location: Stone N String, No : 275, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo - 03, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.stone-n-string.comPhone: +94 11 230 1555
Glitteray Closed nowOpens at 09:00:AM today



Glitteray is an online jewelry store that sells a select range of silver jewelry. You get necklaces,

Location: Glitteray, No: 33, louries road, Bambalapitiya, Colombo, Sri LankaWebsite: https://www.glitteray.comPhone: +94 11 743 2788
Bullion Exchange Jewellers Closed nowOpens at 10:00:AM today

Bullion Exchange Jewellers


Bullion Exchange is one of an era of high quality and absolute integrity in all dealings. An era of

Location: No: 521, Galle Road, Bambalapitiya Junction, (Opp. Majestic City), Colombo, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.bullionexchange.lkPhone: +94 11 259 9063
Unique Jewels Closed nowOpens at 10:30:AM today

Unique Jewels


Experience the collision of exquisite modern art with traditional designs along with the promise of

Location: Unique Jewels, No: 31, Lauries Road,(Facing Duplication Road) Colombo 04, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.uniquejewels.lkPhone: +94 11 258 7180
Wijaya Gems Closed nowOpens at 09:00:AM today

Wijaya Gems


Wijaya Gems takes pride in introducing themselves as one of the pioneers in the gem and jewellery

Location: Wijaya Gems, No: 730 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.wijayagems.lkPhone: +94 11 250 6393
Alawdeen Jewellers Closed nowOpens at 10:00:AM today

Alawdeen Jewellers


The journey of Alawdeen Jewellers started in 1985 as pioneer traders in gold jewellery. Harbouring

Location: Alawdeen Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd, No:139, Sea Street, Colombo 11, Sri LankaWebsite: https://www.alawdeenjewellers.lkPhone: +94 11 238 2626
Dakshina Lanka Jewellers Closed nowOpens at 09:30:AM today

Dakshina Lanka Jewellers


Dakshina Lanka, a household name in the Southern part of Sri Lanka for three generations have made a

Location: Dakshina Lanka Jewelers (Pvt) Ltd, No:109, Dharmapala Mawatha, Matara, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.dakshinalankajewellers.comPhone: +94 41 222 2414