What better portal to begin searching for your own special occasion jewelers. Brintha jewelry is one of the famous jewelry shops in Bazzaar road abiding with a variety of jewels around (Gold, white gold, silver, and pearl) For the exceptional beauty on your special occasion, installed with the best quality jewels in hand.

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Brintha jewelry adorns a handcrafted unique piece of jewels based on any design and characteristic just personalized for you. Brintha jewelry has a wide range of jewels you could choose from. They provide elegant and timeless jewels in no time classically enchanting. It provides beautified and dedicated butterfly design for the eternity of jewels collection.

Indeed, Brintha Jewellery has more technically qualified Jewell makers than any others in Vavuniya town. Find the different price ranges by simply visiting the store. If you have a special occasion coming forward and want your favorite jewelry in hand or perhaps you want to make something significant for yourself get your hands on Brintha Jewellery.

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Over the past two decades, Tiesh has given new definitions to style by introducing exquisite Jewellery and Gemstones to the Sri Lankan Gem & Jewellery industry. As a family-owned company of Lasantha, Bryony, Thiyasha and Ayesh De Fonseka, it has maintained an unshakable passion for ensuring high quality and specialist workmanship.


Tiesh offers a diverse range of finely crafted jewelry and exceptional gemstones on par with international standards and warranties. From everyday designs to the elegant and the glamorous, the patrons are offered with exceptional gemstones and jewelry creations that are modern & contemporary. The luxurious jewelry collections available include those of white Diamonds and Coloured Diamonds, Sri Lanka’s best sapphires of all hues, and a range of precious and semi-precious stones that are meticulously handcrafted in-house and artfully set in precious metals.

Imported European jewelry of the highest quality is also on display. Every individual gemstone and jewellery design boasts of the fine craftsmanship and embodies the commitment at Tiesh to continue the tradition of creativity, rarity and quality without compromises by Lakmini (Pvt) Ltd located in Kandy is the Parent company of Diamonds @ tiesh (Pvt) Ltd has been a sanctuary for precious stones and exquisitely handcrafted jewellery of the finest quality over the years in the Tourism trade. Among the array of Sri Lankan precious stones infamous the world over are Blue Sapphires, Star Sapphires, Rubies, Star Rubies, White Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Cats Eye, Etc.

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Will My Tiesh Gem Museum Come With a Guarantee?

Tiesh Gem Museum Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all jewelry purchases. This certificate guarantees the authenticity of your Tiesh Gem Museum.

Can I Buy Loose Diamonds?

We take enormous pride in the design of our jewelry, crafted by the finest artisans and conceived to honor the diamond.

[embedyt][/embedyt]Colombo jewelry store is an iconic Sri Lankan jewellery brand that boasts an international presence. The brand was founded in 1922 and rocketed to fame with their sterling silver sweetie bracelets. Colombo jewellery store had created the ultimate charm of the diamond bracelet with hundreds of pearls to choose from meaning that every jewel is unique. This beautiful mix of collectible and unique brought the Sri Lankan jewelry scene to live, especially on the Colombo high street. Most of the people are interested in affordable sterling diamond pieces rather than gold.
CJS has been in business since 1922 and still hold their values in their heart. They are very proud of their passion for fine jewellry has been nothing but a short of a love affair. The chaos of excellence is simply their passion. For almost 96 years, they have been part of the most important moments in everyone’s life. They have been part of people’s engagements, weddings, birthdays and this is what they adore the most about what they do. CJ’S believe that choosing the best items for client’s special occasion of part of the important moment itself.

Apart from their classic pieces, they have also spent time on may combinations with famous artists and designers. To make the best-crafted jewels in the city Colombo Jewellery store is still into the process of providing the best up to date customer service.

Coveted and desired by local and international customers, the CJS brand is one of the most respected, revered and influential in the Fashion and Jewellery industry in Sri Lanka.

A house to the world’s most luxurious brands of watches such as Hublot, TAG Heuer, and Raymond Weil.

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Wellawatta Nithyakalyani Jewellery is at the forefront of the Sri Lankan Jewellery industry promoting their heritage and tradition to the world market. With 39 years of continuous innovation and experience, they have been successful in blending creativity, quality and originality to make Nithyakalyani synonymous with trust and excellence. They are proud to be the preferred choice of jeweller for every occasion, catering to every taste and culture.


Their team of 150 consists of highly talented designers who use creativity and inspiration to produce unique designs tailored for every age, taste and culture. These works of art are then made into pieces of jewellery at their state-of-the-art factory consisting of highly trained individuals and modern machinery ensuring precision, durability and finish to the highest industry standards. They pride themselves with the use of specialized technology in the manufacturing process and quality control. They also employ laser technology in their processes to ensure a high-quality finish. Their management team, who are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) qualified, overlook the entire process to ensure that every customer receives the best value for their investment.

Going the extra mile to improve their service, they constantly monitor the prices of Gold, Platinum and Silver and employ hedging techniques and economies of scale to deliver the best price in the market to their customers. Hence they are no doubt the best jeweller in Sri Lanka to produce your high-quality fashion investment. Being members of the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association and the National Gem and Jewellery Authority they extend their support to young talent looking to enter their industry as part of their commitment to the society. Free WIFI and parking are available at their premises. Shop at Wellawatta Nithyakalyani Jewellery, where trust is a tradition.

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Premadasa & Co is a premier jeweller and house of design which employs over 150 persons within and outside of Sri Lanka with branches located in Colombo, Kandy, Kandalama, Beruwela, Kalutara, Sigiriya, Departure Lounge – Colombo Airport  & Maldives.

Jewel Shops In Colombo

The main showroom is located in Kollupitiya, Colombo 03 housing a gem museum, workshop and an auditorium which screens documentaries on the Sri Lankan gem industry. The Company has a varied product portfolio from gold, white gold and silver based jewellery to various Sri Lankan gemstones. Aside from the gem and jewellery sales sections the main showroom also houses a souvenir and handicraft shop.

Premadasa & Co. (Jewellers) Ltd participates in annual trade fairs and exhibitions in Japan, United States and Europe and has won many awards including the “National Gem and Jewellery” Award presented by the Sri Lanka National Gem & Jewellery Authority in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the national economy.

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Palliyaguruge Jewellers Being worked for more than twenty years at one of the leading jewelry companies in Sri Lanka Mr. Dayathissa Palliyaguruge started his own business in 1988 named as D. Palliyaguruge Pawn Brokers.


However, as a beloved father of two sons, he has given his family business to his own sons namely Mr. Chaminda Palliyaguruge as the director of D. Palliyaguruge sons (Pvt) Ltd and Mr. Malith Palliyaguruge as the director of M.P Palliyaguruge respectively.

They are a fully licensed pawning company and Quality, Reliability, Durability, Privacy and Trust are the core fundamentals of their business.

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Can Orders be Placed From Abroad?

Orders can be placed from abroad and you can place your order in the normal way. They will be sent Royal Mail Internationally signed for. If you require any other delivery method please contact us and charges will be assessed individually.

Do You Custom Make Jewellery?

We offer a bespoke design service in the gallery. Mari or one of her qualified jewellers is available by appointment. In order to find out more about this service, please email or call us.

Dakshina Lanka, a household name in the Southern part of Sri Lanka for three generations have made a strong presence in businesses of these two divisions by their unmatched excellence and uncompromised trust. Over 80 year long continuous and impressive business track , long-held trust will continue to be their living testimony.


The recorded history of Dakshina Lanka runs back to 1930s and boasts of an unblemished business span over 75 years. Theirs ranks as one of the legendary and grandeur business enterprises hailing from the colonial times. Still the proud tradition continues, trust runs deep and ethics preserved well. Here are some milestones in the annals of their Golden History.

For generations, they have maintained an inseparable bond with Matara people. As an iconic business enterprise in Matara, they have been an integral part of the rich business culture of Matara. So it is their bounden duty to serve their own people who have raised them to greater heights.

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Are your gems natural, or are they lab created?

We offer both types of gemstones. The gems labeled as 'genuine' are mined gemstones. Gems labeled as 'lab' or 'created' are real gemstones that are created in a lab instead of in nature.

Do your gemstones look as good as they do in your pictures?

We make it a priority to use high quality stones in all of our jewelry, and we try to make our pictures match as closely as possible. In many cases, the gems in the jewelry you receive will actually look better than they do in the pictures.


Getamanna gam acharige gunasena the founding father of the Nileka Jewellery (Pvt)Ltd., first started his career as a gold smith trainee in 1961. Nileka offers the finest gold jewellery accompanied by Breathtaking beauty and stunning originality. The rarest of gems and flawless craftsmanship, fulfilling every wish you have by making you unique and beautiful in every moment of your life time, being there for you in every special occasion of your life time by making you feel confident and special.


Afterwards, he worked his way through the gold jewelry industry to make his position as a gold jewelry factory owner sheltering to a more than 50 jewelry craftsman’s working under him giving life to masterpieces. Then came the first branch of Nileka jewellery 1984, which grown into one of the largest gold jewelry retail stores island wide.

Nileka offers the finest gold jewelry accompanied by the Breathtaking beauty and stunning originality. The rarest of gems and flawless craftsmanship combined with state of the art technology creates great quality products. Nileka has over five hundred employees direct and indirect throughout ten different branches to satisfy every jewelry need of their customers.

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How should I clean my jewelry?

If you search the internet you will find so many do's and don'ts for cleaning jewelry that it can be extremely confusing! We always recommend a simple approach.

What is fourteen karat gold if it's not pure gold?

Pure gold is 24 karat, and it's too soft to use in jewelry - it would bend, dent, or break very easily. Fourteen, ten, and nine karat gold are all blends of alloys (metals other than gold) and pure gold.


Wijaya Gems takes pride in introducing themselves as one of the pioneers in the gem and jewellery industry in Sri Lanka, specializing in the supply of calibrated sapphires to the International market.Established three decades ago, Wijaya Gems has bagged a number of local & International awards throughout the years as a supplier of sapphires of all sizes, shapes and colors attracting attention of the worlds most exclusive designer brands.


The large contingent of internationally trained and qualified craftsmen procure rough stones from their own gem mines which are cut and polished in their lapidary situated in the heart of the gem mining region to meet the needs of buyers all over the world. Wijaya Gems is also a listed member of both the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICGA), and Sri lanka National Gem & Jewellery Association (NGJA). They continue to participate in Gem & Jewellery shows in several countries, where they establish a close rapport with International buyers pursuing our trade relations with honesty, integrity and commitment.

Wijaya Gems largest suppliers of calibrated sapphires and gem studded jewellery in the international market today. Having commenced operations in a humble way with a single cutting machine, they have grown through three decades with a large modern lapidary equipped with state of the art technology and human resources capable of meeting the demands of international market leaders in the industry. An International Buying Center is also part of Christina complex to ensure that their customers receive products of the highest quality at competitive prices. They have established the trust , confidence and mutual understanding among their clients globally. They are also geared and ever ready to cater to changing demands for sapphires in the world market.

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What kind of jewelry do you work with?

We work with and design all types of jewelry and accessories such as: engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belt buckles, and sunglasses. We are capable of any intricate and complex jewelry designs.

Do you work with custom orders?

Yes, we create custom-order designs for retail stores and online businesses as well as for private clients, designing new pieces or redesigning old jewelry.


Swarna Mahal Jewellers is one of the most recognized companies in Sri Lanka operated by EAP Holdings Limited. The name Swarna Mahal literally means “House of Gold”. The brand has become a household name for quality and trust among Sri Lankans; its jewelry line is synonymous with beauty and sophistication.


With decades of experience in the trade, Swarna Mahal continues to lead the Jewellery industry commanding over 65% of the market share. The company takes pride in its workshop that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, internationally trained designers, and its experienced team of goldsmiths, qualified in the manufacture of traditional and western handcrafted Jewellery. Continuously enhance the value of stakeholders by being the foremost in the minds of the people looking for exquisite quality. For decades, Sri Lanka is recognized as the key source of world-class, superior quality precious and semi-precious stones in the international gem and Jewellery industry. Being the cradle of these “Treasures”, the country’s gem and Jewellery trade have been widely acclaimed even in the early recorded historical accounts. Today, the industry has become a part of the local culture and tradition becoming the main source of livelihood to many.

As the industry progressed, Sri Lanka has become the venue for international exhibits and trade shows, an opportunity that mirrors the aptitude of the local Jewellery designers and manufacturers, and while several jewellery houses have been put up throughout the years, Swarna Mahal Jewellers has remained the leading manufacturer and retailer of Gold Jewellery in the country. Today, Swarna Mahal operates 16 outlets throughout the country. AURA, which Swarna Mahal introduced in 2000, carries a large collection of ultra-modern designs of white gold Jewellery, in contrast to the “all in yellow gold” designs of Swarna Mahal. The brand Aura is committed to bringing inspirational and never-before-seen pieces and to create a Jeweller line that is both urban and stylish. Within a couple of years of its launch, AURA has successfully established itself as a novel Jewellery brand earning its special niche in the market, appealing to those with finer tastes. Today, the name AURA has achieved iconic status and its products have continued to embody elegance and style and have wooed the hearts of its growing clientele.

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