Vaaj gym in Nawala used to be a good gym. It is a terrible value for the pricey membership these days. Almost a third of the cardio machines are broken and/or missing essential pieces and have been so for the month I have been working out there. The air conditioning in the cardio room does not work, so forget about getting a cardio work out there, especially when the concrete-slab building heats up in July and August. The weight room downstairs is equally useless–the machines are too close together and are badly in need of service. You will have to walk around looking for staff, who spend their time working out and not making sure that the clients have what they need to work out, to find missing pins for the weights, etc. The air conditioning has worked in this room during the month I worked out there, but the door to the room is missing, leaving the room open to the warm air from outside.

The membership is overpriced for a Colombo-suburb gym and when I tried to negotiate a partial refund or extended membership, the management simply said no, can’t do that. I went back to this gym because it used to be good. It is shit now. I’d take the expensive membership Rs. and find a better gym in town, of which there are many.