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PATHE Academy Closes in 2 hour 21 minutes

PATHE Academy


PATHE Academy's main objective is to create an comprehensive organizational culture that fosters

Location: PATHE House, No.7 Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mw, Colombo, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.patheacademy.comPhone: +94 11 537 7751

Suwasetha Ayurvedic Medical Center


Sri Lanka with its historic heritage exceeding 1000 of years, lays claim to a fascinating tradition

Location: Suwasetha Ayurvedic Medical Center, 1st Lane, Masangwatte, Vahara, Kurunegala, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.padmasiriudagama.comPhone: +94 37 562 1721

Australasian Medical Imaging


Australasian Medical Imaging is one the international company which was owned by local and foreign

Location: Australasian Medical Imaging (Pvt) Ltd, Coop Hospital, 303 Colombo Road, Kurunegala, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.ami-radiology.comPhone: +94 37 223 0775

Nawaloka Medical Centre


The entry of Nawaloka Hospitals into the state dominated healthcare field in 1985, saw the private

Location: Nawaloka Hospitals No. 169, Colombo Road, Negombo,Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.nawaloka.comPhone: +94 11 557 7111

Family Care Hospital


Family Care Hospital became initiated in October 2007 as a BOI accredited the task. we're positioned

Location: Family Care Hospital, 12500, Kalutara South, Sri Lanka.Website: http://familycarehospital.comPhone: +94 34 222 9944

Browns Hospital


Browns Hospital is the newest venture of Brown & Company PLC, the first one situated in a chain

Location: Browns Hospital No 43, Mahabage Road, Ragama, Sri Lanka.Website: http://www.brownshospitals.comPhone: +94 11 510 0000
International Medical Campus Closes in 1 hour 51 minutes

International Medical Campus


International Medical Campus is Sri Lanka’s premier provider of medical university pathway programs

Location: No 07, Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mw, Colombo 6, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.imcedu.comPhone: +94 77 308 8840
Northern Central Hospital Closes in 2 hour 21 minutes

Northern Central Hospital


Northern Central Hospital is a medical institution which has the privilege of providing quality

Location: 342 Palali Rd, Jaffna, Sri LankaWebsite: http://nchjaffna.comPhone: +94 21 221 9988

National Eye Hospital


Eye Hospital has a long history in the healthcare of Sri Lanka. This is the tertiary care hospital

Location: National Eye Hospital, Colombo-10, Sri LankaWebsite: +94 11 269 3911

Ayurveda Vedagedara


Welcome to Nawarathna Ayurveda Vedagedara which provides genuine Ayurvedic care solving problems and

Location: No: 76/B, Deveni Rajasinghe Mw, Kandy, Sri lankaWebsite: http://www.ayurvedakandy.comPhone: +94 72 295 3768
Ranpatha Medical Centre Closes in 1 hour 21 minutes

Ranpatha Medical Centre


The Ranpatha Medical Centre is a clinic which is completely based on the science of Ayurveda

Location: Ranpatha Ayurveda Medical Center, No. 663, Kandy Road, Pattiya Handiya, Kelaniya, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.ranpathawedamedura.comPhone: +94 71 300 9088

Salon Victoria


Ana Domingo, as a professional Bridal dresser and beautician my view is the fascination with the

Location: No.16 Senanayake mawathe, Nawala Colombo, Sri LankaPhone: +94 772965000