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Design Studio


The present world is focusing on clients and ads. Where promoting through mediums assumes a

Location: 153 Goodshed Rd, Vavuniya, Sri LankaPhone: 0754-393089

University of Kelaniya


The University of Kelaniya is a state university of Sri Lanka. Situated just outside the municipal

Location: University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya, Sri LankaWebsite: +94 11 290 3903
Ranpatha Medical Centre Closes in 2 hour 36 minutes

Ranpatha Medical Centre


The Ranpatha Medical Centre is a clinic which is completely based on the science of Ayurveda

Location: Ranpatha Ayurveda Medical Center, No. 663, Kandy Road, Pattiya Handiya, Kelaniya, Sri LankaWebsite: http://www.ranpathawedamedura.comPhone: +94 71 300 9088