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How can I get a venture capitalist to pay attention to me?

How can I come up with a great name for my business?

How can I drive traffic to my website for my business?

Uplist.lk is a Sri Lankan based Interactive Local Business Directory, dedicated to connecting the local Sri Lankan businesses with a highly targeted ready-to-buy audience? For local businesses, Uplist integrated solutions are designed to help to build their presence and to expand their reach through a variety of Online digital marketing channels and we enjoy the most is learning about unique stories and generating awareness about the collective small business voice.

Helping landscapers. Painters. Personal trainers. Dance teachers. Entrepreneurs who take what they are great at and turn it into something greater. We are building local economies and stronger communities. Leveling the playing field so even the smallest of businesses has a fair shot at success. Uplist.lk is for everyone and everywhere for the future art of success is in Sri Lankan Local Businesses and their development.

When You Go Local

Grow Local

There is no place like local for comfort and pleasure.